Review: Master and Inquisitor by Jan Bowles

Master and Inquisitor by Jan Bowles
Series: Masters of Submission (# 4)
Release Date: January 24, 2013
Publisher:  Siren Publishing, Inc.
Pages: 162
Source:  Author

When thirty-four-year-old Club Submission owner Ethan Strong hires the enigmatic and beautiful young woman to work behind the bar, he’s instantly drawn to the submissive with the sad blue eyes. Twenty-seven-year-old Beth Beaumont’s previous Master died three years ago, yet only now does she feel ready to embrace the lifestyle again. Ethan is instantly attracted to his mysterious new employee, and they soon embark on a D/s relationship that breaks all the rules.

Beth’s past holds a chilling secret that she dares not divulge–even to her new Master. Her life depends on maintaining her silence.

However, Ethan’s built-in lie detector never lets him down, and he instinctively knows Beth isn’t telling the truth. As a respected Dom, he will not tolerate a sub who repeatedly tries to deceive him. To break her resolve, he calls upon the services of the Inquisitor–a darker, less benevolent side of himself, who never shows any mercy.

Will Beth be forced to yield such deadly secrets to her Master and Inquisitor?


Review: Master and Inquisitor is the fourth book in the Masters of Submission series by Jan Bowles. The blurb from this book just drew me in and I knew I had to review it.

Beth Beaumont is a natural submissive who has not ventured back into the lifestyle after the death of her Dom three years ago. It’s very apparent that Beth is at the end of her rope with all the stress of the last three years. Living on the run and in the federal witness protection program takes its toll on anyone. I am surprised that Beth stayed away from the lifestyle that its very apparent that she needs. The grief that Beth faces as she slowly ventures back into the lifestyle is heartbreaking. She is a very strong character.

Ethan Strong, along with his brother Matthew, are owners of Club Submission. He has a darker side he call the Inquisitor. He does not let submissive lie to him and calls the Inquisitor to interrogate and punish a sub for lying to him. Ethan sees the ideal submissive in Beth and persuades her to let him become her Dom. Right from the beginning he thinks she is lying to him and is not sure why. Will the Inquisitor get Beth to tell him what is going on?

I enjoyed the suspense. I enjoyed the twist on removing the threat. It was completely unexpected. The sex scenes were realistic and in depth as well as hot and steamy.

I enjoyed this book, but this book is not for the faint of heart. This book does contain some extreme elements like caging, suspension and breath play. The only thing that would have made this book better is if it was longer. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series.