Review: Love Comes Twice by Adonis Devereux

Love Comes Twice by Adonis Devereux
Release Date: June 4, 2012
Publisher:   Evernight Publishing
Pages: 221
Source:   Publisher

Found sleeping beneath the ice by a dying king, Riane has always known she was different. She draws men to her, her every movement a call to sex, but no man has ever stirred her blood until Kiltarin, the son of the God-King, comes to her. He brings color to her life, and she brings unspeakable sexual delight to his.

Her beauty gives him courage to overcome his fear of his own immortality. But her true identity is still unknown, and when the secret of her birth is revealed, Kiltarin fears he cannot compete with the new rivals for her affection. And Riane cannot soothe his fears, because for her, love comes twice.


Review: Love Comes Twice was one of those stories that sucked me in right away. I quickly became attached to the main characters and wanted to know more about them and their world. I could not wait to find out more about their future and I was concerned about their encounters with their enemies. Overall this was a wonderful book but I must be honest and tell you that there is a point about three quarters of the way in where I stalled out in my reading and had to push through to continue. I don’t know if I just got overwhelmed or just needed a break but once I pushed through for a little while I enjoyed it again for the remainder of the book. It may have just been me but I thought I would mention it.

In my opinion the beginning of the book was great. I was captivated by the wonderful descriptions and tumultuous emotions. The characters and their deities are beautifully depicted and diverse; the world is marvelously treacherous and complex. I was very impressed by the wonderful pictures that were painted in my mind’s eye. I definitely want to read more about the different races and lands on this world. The people, cultures and lands seem to have many fantastic layers to explore.

Every character within the story has many things to consider both culturally, physically, emotionally and interpersonally. Friendships, alliances and families are altered with the decisions they are making. Not only their existence is affected but many other lives as well. That is quite a burden for a person when the heart is involved.

Riane struggles throughout the book to find out who she really is. This is both mysterious and exciting to witness because you have no idea where exactly it is leading you. Kiltarin loves her so much; he wants to love her, help her and protect her. They have no idea why they are attracting such enemies. Faloth comes at a time when he is most needed and gives the only support he knows how. He tries to give all that he can to help his companions succeed in their quest. Riane, Kiltarin and Faloth have a very unique relationship. I don’t think there are many things about this book that are ordinary. Unique seems to be a word that describes many things about this book.

The reason for my rating is that although the beginning had me loving it by the end I was not in such a loving mood. I did enjoy the book however I felt that I was just being led along a very long path to get where I was going. If we could give half stars I would have given this 3 and a half stars.


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