Review: Her Vampire Lover by Anastasia Maltezos

Her Vampire Lover by Anastasia Maltezos
Series: Her Vampire Lover (# 1)
Release Date: November 1, 2012
Publisher:  Devine Destinies
Pages: 85
Source:  Publisher

Tobias Knight, a four hundred year old vampire, happens upon Cat Luster’s latest best seller and stares at her picture on the jacket, astounded to discover it’s Seraphina, his one true love who perished at the hands of vampire killers three hundred years ago. He seeks her out and discovers she is his dead vampire wife reincarnated, but he must convince Cat of this fact. The only way to help her remember her past life with him is to reawaken the fire between them and experience the hot, passionate, erotic love they shared three hundred years years ago.

Cat is a paranormal erotica writer with an overactive imagination. In one startling moment she meets her fantasy lover, the man she’s been day dreaming about all her life, as he brings her erotica to life.

Meanwhile, the vampire killers who drove a stake through her heart are back and they mean to kill her…again.


Review: This was such a great love story. One that just melted my heart and made me want to feel that special feeling inside. The feeling that you get when you first fall in love. It makes you feel like everything will be okay and you hope that the feeling never goes away.

I couldn’t imagine living for over 300 years after I had lost the love of my life. That is what Tobias does after he loses Seraphina. He will always love her and hopefully he will find peace. Imagine his surprise when he looks on the back of a book and see’s her face again. Only thing is that he saw her die and her name is now Cat.

I wanted this book to just keep on going. I hated when I came to the last page and what made me happy was that I found out that there will be another book. I can’t wait until it comes out. I don’t know if it will be about someone else or more of Tobias and Cat’s story.

This book was short but it was well worth it. I would recommend this book to everyone that loves a great vampire read. Someone that still believes in true love and that love can overcome anything.