Review: Girl Next Door by Lyra Marlow

Girl Next Door by Lyra Marlow
Release Date: November 23, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 151
Source:  Publisher

Nolan and John are paramedics, partners, best friends—and complete opposites. Nolan is a true romantic with a broken heart, and he’s gay. John is straight, a relationship-dodging cocksman who’s growing bored with casual sex. But Nolan’s having sex dreams about John, and John’s having fantasies about Nolan. They could be moving toward a relationship, though they’re both afraid of destroying their friendship.  Then Nolan’s one and only ex-girlfriend comes to visit and changes everything. With Nolan’s blessing, Lucy does her best to ease John’s boredom, playing out his deepest sexual fantasies—and hers. But when Lucy learns of John’s secret desire for Nolan, she’s determined to see them happily together. She won’t take no for an answer, even if she has to drag the two of them into bed with her.Reader Advisory: One of our heroes works strenuously to accommodate all the fantasies our heroine has, including one of forced sex.


Review: Normally, a review of a book like this would be a high praising one. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this book. Don’t get me wrong, the plot line is well written. However, it just didn’t have the ‘ommph’ needed to completely capture me. I wasn’t able to stay focused on this story like I wanted to, and the end results didn’t have a wonderful feeling for me.

Nolan and John’s characters are well chiseled, however, they are not strong characters for me. I didn’t feel drawn to them as I normally would. One was straight and having fantasies about his best friend and the other one wanted a relationship without ruining lives. The way that took place just lacked for me, and by the time the realizations were met, I was unfocused and didn’t want to return to it.

When Lucy enters the picture, the story does pick up a bit, as she tries her best to be a wonderful friend and help these two men realize that what they have is worth it. The menage scenes are spicy and definitely heats the story up. Lucy is a sweet girl and wanted nothing more than to help these men achieve what their hearts weren’t letting them.

In the end, I do still recommend you try this book. It’s a book that was unable to hold MY attention, but you may find that this is a book you can fall in love with. Will I try more work by Ms. Marlowe? Sure. Just because one book is lacking, doesn’t mean all books by that author will be. I look forward to trying out another of her pieces and seeing how things go.