Review: Down The Chimney by Mallary Mitchell

Down The Chimney by Mallary Mitchell
Release Date: December 11, 2012
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
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Twas the week before Christmas, and Odessa Courtland needs help… If it wasn’t enough to be the widowed mother of two rambunctious daughters, she’s about to give birth and an outlaw who thinks she’s stolen his ill-gotten gains has threatened to kill her. She needs a miracle.

When Deputy Deke Ramey is sent to keep tabs on the widow and the outlaw, he ends up stuck in Odessa Courtland’s chimney. She claims he’s an answered prayer, and her daughters think he’s Saint Nicholas. And while Deke is convinced the lovely widow is no thief, he’s worried she might just steal his heart.


Review: Mallary Mitchell just stole my heart with this sweet novella! I loved this book from start to finish. I was instantly swept away to an era I wish I could have truly been a part of. Sadly, I am not a part of that time, so I have to depend on authors like Ms. Mitchell to recreate those eras and help me become a part of it through the written word. She did that and more with just a simple, sweet, romantic novella!

Deacon ‘Deke’ Ramey is a lawmen I wish I could truly know! A young man of 25 who knows what he wants and how to protect it. I loved his character. Ms. Mitchell chiseled him with flaws and perfection. He stole my heart as I walked along side him and his duties.

Blake Henry. Grrrrr!!! I wanted to smack him more than once! He was a mean soul but Ms. Mitchell made him perfect for the role he played.

Odessa ‘Dessa’ Courtland was a widow, mama of two girls, and one on the way, and she was a lady I truly envied!!! I wanted to be in her shoes each time Deke was near. But, she quickly became a friend to me as I saw her struggle with a life of poverty and loneliness. She was wonderfully created!

I definitely recommend this sweet romance novella. It’s got just the right amount of tenderness and lots of Christmas cheer as the young Courtland girls learn about Santa and the meaning of Christmas, especially when they find a lawmen in their chimney! With a few laughs, and lots of sparks flying, this novella is sure to steal your heart at any time of the year! Well done, Ms. Mitchell and I can’t wait for another novella just like this one! I’m definitely a new devoted fan!