Review & Contest: Jasmine Nights by Julia Gregson

Jasmine Knights by Julia Gregson
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher:   Touchstone
Pages: 452
Source:   Publisher

At twenty-three, Saba Tarcan knows her only hope of escaping the clamor of Cardiff Bay, Wales, lies in her voice. While traveling Britain, singing for wounded soldiers, Saba meets handsome fighter pilot Dom Benson, recovering from burns after a crash. When Saba auditions to entertain troops in far-off lands, Dom follows her to London. Just as their relationship begins to take root, Saba is sent to sing in Africa, and Dom is assigned a new mission in the Middle East. As Saba explores Cairo’s bazaars, finding friendship among the troupe’s acrobats and dancers, Dom returns to the cockpit once again, both thrilled and terrified to be flying above the desert floor. In spite of great danger, the two resolve to reunite.

When Saba learns that her position makes her uniquely qualified for a secret mission of international importance, she agrees to help the British Secret Service, concealing her role from Dom. Her decision will jeopardize not only her safety but also the love of her life.

Based on true accounts of female entertainers used as spies during World War II, Jasmine Nights is a powerful story of danger, secrets, and love, filled with the colors and sounds of the Middle East’s most beautiful cities.


Review: In Jasmine Nights we find ourselves transported to 1942 during World War II. We are taken on a journey to many different locations during the course of this story. As we go the journey we follow Sabar who is part Turkish (father) and part Welsh (mother) a real stunner with a magical voice; along with Dom who is in the RAF but has been badly burned because his plane was shot down.

Sabar wants to follow her dream but in order to do so she must defy her strict traditionalist father. Her mother who is a frustrated wife wants nothing but peace for her family asking Sabar to adhere to her father’s wishes. Headstrong Sabar leaves to go in search of fulfilling her dreams to sing. While singing in a hospital for those injured in the war we find Dom who is recovering from his burns. Dom to say the least is simply blown away by the grace and beauty of Sabar.

Jasmine Nights is a well written story by Julia Gregson that shows love a love that is founded during the ravages of war. She gives us some historical background that helps in lending credibility to the story along with picturesque descriptions of the many exotic locations along the journey.

The more you read the more intense the story becomes. Very powerful show of the inner working of the heart as it is tugged in all directions showing that the pain we endure is what alters us forming us into the people we become. A strong woman that fights for what she wants. Even knowing that things aren’t always as they seem. With war and love come danger and secrets.

This was a very powerfully written love story with war as a backdrop. Ms. Gregson found a way to keep the drama, action and suspense coming so that you find yourself entranced to the very end. Trying all the while to have the characters stay well rounded while dealing with family, unpredictable assignments, secretive assignments as they fall in love amidst the war. The only problems that I had were that I wished the secondary characters where a little more in depth. I think this story has a strong appeal to all lovers of historical fiction and romance especially during World War II.





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8 thoughts on “Review & Contest: Jasmine Nights by Julia Gregson

  1. holdenj says:

    I like historical fiction of that era and haven’t heard of using entertainers in this manner. Looks like a good read, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Leanna H says:

    I love to see women folowwing their dreams. This sounds so different than most historical romance that I have read. Can’t wait to read!

  3. Anne says:

    The review has to captivated me and be convincing. The setting, era and characters all contribute to this importance.

  4. Chelsea B. says:

    I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like this! I’m intrigued and excited to try it out!

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