Review: Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield

carrie_250Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield
Release Date: February 12, 2013
Publisher: Cleis Press
Pages: 212
Source: Publisher



“Before there was Anastasia, there was Carrie. A rip-roaring ride through the world of dominance and submission.” —Kristina Wright, editor of Best Erotic Romance

Brilliant, bold and exquisitely kinky, Carrie’s Story is an American Story of O that goes to the head of the class. Told in the whip-smart voice of a wickedly perceptive English major, this fully imagined and elegantly expressed erotic tale may well be the finest BDSM novel ever written. As Carrie’s passions for irony, self-scrutiny and obedience to her master Jonathan take her from San Francisco to the rough rural byways of the Central Valley and posh enclaves of an overcivilized Europe, her story will sweep you into a world of secret, high-concept sensuality. In Carrie’s Story, Molly Weatherfield (the alter ego of an award-winning romance writer), has created an indelible “thinking readers’ submissive.”


Review: Well don’t be expecting a sweet erotic read because you won’t be getting it in this book.

Well you think you know Carrie’s personality but you don’t know anything. She is one person at work but when she is will Jonathan she takes on a new role. This isn’t your regular BDSM book this goes even deeper into the world that you never thought you would ever enter.

I have been getting into this funk where I love BDSM books and sorta thought about trying it myself. When I read this book I was taken on a different side of the scene. Not just anyone could do this. You have to submit 100% to your master and you can never speak unless asked. This isn’t the warm feeling kind of read.

This book took me on a darker side and made me rethink some things. I like the idea of putting a little spin on your love life but this one wouldn’t be the spin I would want. I like to speak my mind just a little too much. I was glad that I read this book because it shows me a whole different side. I can’t see myself depending on a man, like Carrie does with Jonathan.

I was glad that I read this book and got to see a more in depth side to S/M. I will warn you that this is a dark read and don’t expect a happy ending because you will be disappointed. So I say read this book if you dare. If you like it dark and in depth then this is the book for you.

I am glad that I took the time and read this book. The author did a wonderful job and I wonder where she got all her information. You will be taken on sexual discoveries that you never even knew about. I was taken out of my comfort zone and I like doing that every once in awhile.






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