Review: Bound by Lust Anthology

boundBound by Lust: Romantic Stories of Submission and Sensuality
Release Date: June 12, 2012
Publisher: Cleis Press
Pages: 224
Source: publisher



Only the truest romantics are willing to explore their deepest desires. Imagine finding a partner who is just as ravenous and uninhibited as you are. Bound by Lust, curated by libidinous leximaven Shanna Germain, is a heady combination of sweet and sexy, dirty and romantic. In Alana Noël Voth’s “Marcelle,” a man finds more than his heart’s desire in the acceptance of the woman he loves, while the characters in Sommer Marsden’s “Reclaiming Spring” discover that dominance and submission help them reclaim their marriage. For the artist in Kristina Wright’s “Brushstrokes,” the safety of love gives voice to her deepest desires. The BDSM bound within these pages is naughty and nice—bondage, spanking, domination, pain and pleasure. Bring on the love and leather, along with the dungeons and dens.


Review: I’ve recently found myself intrigued by the BDSM lifestyle but I am also drawn to the love between the doms and subs. While this isn’t always a romantic love, it’s still a beautiful love. These stories are of the romantic love variety – men and women uniting and solidifying their relationships.

First let’s start with the BDSM. This is not hard-core stuff so if you’re a bit squeamish about bondage and spanking or if you’re just starting out, this is a good book to learn a bit more. There is quite a variety to whet your appetite though – everything from bondage to spanking to role play.

My favorite scenario was in “Reclaiming Spring” by Sommer Marsden, where a man ties his wife to the laundry line then leaves her while he cooks dinner. He returns, only to leave her again. The psychological aspect of being left tied to a clothesline in one’s own backyard, where any neighbor can peer over the fence at any given moment, gave me shivers. Add to that the not knowing when he will come back or what he will do when he does return… Oh yes, this is one story that is going to get played in real life.

The other stories are also full of ideas one can use in real life. Shopping for sex toys, meeting your lover in a public place, bondage, spanking – they’re all here. Each story is unique, delving into a different style of BDSM and a different sort of relationship. And each story is very short (10 pages or so average) which also makes it a perfect book for those that have to read in-between real life activities.





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