Product Review: Kegel Enhansor

Kegel Enhansor
Manufacturer: I.S.A. Research & Education
Materials: stainless steel
Weight:  1/3 pound
Source: EdenFantasys

This small unassuming device is crafted to effectively tone your pelvic floor muscles, resulting in stronger sexual muscles and better vaginal tone after childbirth. This smaller cousin of the Kegelcisor™ is great for those who are new to vaginal exercisers, or wish to maintain their results.

Consisting of a large ball end, a small ball end, and a tapered center, the different surfaces on this 4″” long unit help provide variable resistance to tone your pelvic floor muscles. Exercises are illustrated in the included booklet; you can enjoy the benefits simply by setting aside a few minutes to do them every other day.

Made of surgical stainless steel, the Enhansor can be boiled to sterilize between uses, making it ideal as a sex toy as well. Comes in a gift box with instructions and a sample packet of water-based lubricant. Weighs one third of a pound.


Review: My first thought upon opening the box was “It’s so small!”, then “And heavy!” After scanning the instructions, I also realized one other thing – you need lubricant! Order it at the same time you order your Kegel Enhansor so you don’t have to run out to a drug store at 10:00 at night.

Be advised that the instructions are a little confusing. “Group A exercises take 4-6 weeks” but no explanation of when to do the Group B exercises or for how long. Then there are the Follow-Up exercises which state to do them “after completing each group of exercises…” but is this after completing each day’s exercises or after the 4-6 weeks of exercises? There are also Maintenance Exercises to perform once a week after the initial exercises are done with. I am apparently not the only one confused by the instructions – it was a constant complaint in other reviews. They really need to outline the instructions in a more clear and concise format.

I chose the small Kegel Enhansor particularly for its compact size but I think it’s too short for me. I just didn’t feel like my muscles were grabbing onto anything unless it was inserted all the way. However, I was still working the muscles so that’s a plus. After years of trying to do Kegel exercises and not sure if I was clenching the correct muscles, the Kegel Enhansor is a definite plus to ensuring I use the right muscle group.

Now, the big question… Is it working? It’s kind of hard to tell after only four weeks but I think so. On a normal day, I feel like I have more control. However, when I had a head cold last week and did a lot of sneezing and coughing, I felt like I had before I ever started the exercises. So… onward and upward and I will keep up with the exercises and hope for no more head colds.

This device is latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free.







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