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Writers Vs. Cats

Do you own a cat?

Missy Our Princess 002I have two and have always had a feline companion. As cat lovers know, these small creatures have many personalities. One minute they will be sitting in your lap purring up a storm, the next they’re biting and kicking you with their back feet wanting to play.

How do you think writers have to come up with story lines?

People have many personalities, just like cats. One minute we are writing away and we look at the phone next to us and growl. Who the hell has the never to disturb us while we are working? The thought of stomping on said phone comes into play.

Or Mom-writer can’t wait to take kids to school so she can write her smut, but she goes to wake up kids and finds both of them sick with fevers. Mom sighs and digs in for a long day, while the writer inside her head yells with stories unwritten.

What do cats do when meeting another cat? Either their backs are raised ready to attack, or they are sniffing around them, trying to decide if they like him or her. Yep, you guessed it we do the same. Oh, why can’t I be like her? Is that the one who ripped my book apart? God, I love her writing! These and many more questions go through our minds.

Vices? Don’t cats love their catnip? Give a cat a little catnip and see her rolling in it. Well, hand an author coffee, tea, or a stiff drink and she will be your friend for life!!!

I think my favorite thing though would be how authors and cats have the backbone of steal. If the cat is done playing with you, he or she turns around and walks away. DONE, now leave me alone. Writers are the same way. We sit and smile talk with everyone, but once we walk out that door our mind is working on a million different projects waiting to be started. We’re not being mean, dismissing everyone, but later we will drag out the pictures. For now the plots have to be written.

Hard to believe, but my felines are also protective towards the other family animals. If another animal, (namely a dog) came into our house, both cats attack. This did happen when my mother brought over my nephew’s dog-wolf into our house. Mind you this thing was huge, but my cats didn’t care. One took the front and the other came at the wolf from behind. It took everything in my mom to hold onto the dog, but nothing would deter my cats from attacking! I was laughing my butt off too, but the same goes for authors. When you attack an author friend, you are attacking me and I come up swinging. Authors pretty much stick together and if anyone attacks us as a group, then there will be a problem.  But not to worry, with our vivid imaginations, we can handle anything. Just remember we have the almighty pen and you will be the next villain to get killed off.

With all of this in mind, just imagine all the wonderful little ways my cats can torture their lovers and masters in my new series, Masters of The Cats.   Here’s an excerpt from the first book, Collaring A Saber-Tooth.


In the last two hundred years, over thirty-thousand cat-shifters have been hunted and destroyed. As far as Maya Saber can guess, only a few hundred still survive. Maya, the oldest known cat-shifter alive, has only one purpose in life now — to find and destroy the men who murdered her family no matter how long it takes.

The unusual monsters, or what everyone thought were vampires, should’ve made sure everyone had been killed that night so many centuries ago. Now that she was half Vamplien, (Maya’s personal nickname for the monsters) she and her cat sought only vengeance. How she ended up with a temporary family was still beyond her, but she couldn’t leave any of her feline friends alone. Banding together, her small, powerful group of women vowed to keep Detroit safe, while they searched for others of their kind. Each one has been trained by Dan Edwards, their human friend to kill anyone threatening their home and territory.

Dan alone knows of their plight. Keeping their secret, he and a small group of detectives organize the women, giving them a purpose and a reason to go on.

After fifty years, she finally has the name of the gang that destroyed her life. Randle Arrow and his followers, the Blood Gods, will die for their attack on her family. Maya was determined to make sure each one paid for killing her family.

* * * *

They call us the Gate Keepers, Vampires, or plain monsters and we are all of that and more. Our races, Cometedge-Sentinels of the portals, are a male-dominated society. We were chosen by a superior race to protect the countless realms out there. Divided into units called Kith, Akaos and his weru, male mates were bound to find their Zealottalon and bring her home.

Other than their kind, no one was supposed to be able to travel between the realms, but that wasn’t so. Slayers, thieves, and blackguards now traveled these roads meant only for them.

Granted, the gift of immortality and other special abilities to his people, Akaos and his men hunt those who seek to wreak havoc in the different worlds.  As the ruling head of his family, Akaos Featherstone took his position seriously, but even a commander makes mistakes.

Over the centuries, he hunted and stalked the man he entrusted with his gift, but he is still free and creates havoc over time. For years, his brothers and family protected the primitive humans, but never did Akaos believe that one day they would find their meru, or soul mate.


trinityTrinity Blacio has been writing professionally for ten years. Currently she has titles available from Freya’s Bower, Ravenous Romance, and Riverdale Avenue Books with more to come.  She is always excited to be writing, hear from readers, and help fellow authors.

One of Trinity’s strongest beliefs is that no matter how small or big an author is, they should always help each other in the profession. With this idea in mind she has created a place where authors, editors, publishers, and anyone in the publishing business can come together to help each other.

Trinity lives in Wellington, Ohio with her two children, Cheyenne and Rudy, and two cats Smokey and Missy. When Trinity has time, she reads all sorts of romance novels, but as you have figured out her favorites are dark fantasy, erotica, ménage and erotic horror.

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prizeTrinity is giving away this bracelet (pictured) along with a PDF copy of Collaring A Saber-Tooth to one lucky commenter.  The contest is open internationally.   Leave a meaningful comment or question for Trinity for entry (no need to leave an email since you have to include it in the form to comment).  The winner will be chosen on Sunday, March 31.

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  1. laurie g says:

    i have never had cats but work in a vet clinic that looks after a lot of cats and they are such a joy to be around

    • That they are till they get mad at you. My female cat above can hold a grudge believe it or not. When I went away for the weekend, boy did she have the attitude when I came back. 🙂

    • Filia I love dogs, it’s just living in apartments when it’s just mom and sister we couldn’t have one. Now I’ve had dogs having my own house. Mater of fact I have a nice little scar under my chin from my Scottie Dog Kilts bit me. My dad had our dog. 🙂 That dog went through hell. Ran over by the mail truck twice, poisoned once and still lived to be 13 years old. I never cried so hard when my dad told me he had to put him down. 🙁


    • Sorry Lynne you response is up above. 🙂 And Filia I’d watch hugging them to much I’ve had a few of them try and take a swat at me when they didn’t want to be held. 🙂

  2. Nancy Goldberg Levine says:

    I have had two cats that both passed away, and have a kitten, Jay, that I adopted last November. They each had different personalities, but Jay’s foster mom had already named him and the hero of my book, “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny’s” name is Jay, so I kept the same name.

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