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Sons blog tour buttonThanks so much for having me here today at Romancing The Book. It’s the perfect place for a romance author!

What is it that makes readers love romance? While the rest of the publishing world was languishing, even after Harry Potter and Twilight, romance and all its genres were thriving. I think it’s because in today’s world, people want an escape. Let’s admit it: life can be tough at times. The boss can be difficult (that’s putting it mildly, right?), there are bills to pay, issues with the kids, and many other things each of us has to deal with every day. How wonderful it is that there’s a fantasy world to escape to right at our fingertips. Whether it be on an ereader or with a paperback, a romance lets the reader leave the daily grind behind for just a bit and find that world where they can be swept off their feet.

For some people who don’t read romance, the idea of a seductive vampire like I write in the Sons of Navarus series seems too far fetched, but how different is it to read about a vampire hero than anyone else doing everything he can to win the woman he loves? True, they have sharper teeth, but my heroes are like any others in romance. They fall in love, make mistakes, try to find a way to make things right, and hopefully, if the Happily Ever After gods make it possible, they find true love in the end.

They’re like anyone else in life—just trying to find those moments in life that take their breath away and that they’ll remember forever. Here’s a taste of Vasilije, the hero of the first book in the Sons of Navarus series, Blood Avenged, and the woman he loves, Sasa, as they deal with the real issues of their life together:


“Sasa, I’m your sire. I protect you. I give you what you need. No one else. In this, I won’t allow any argument.”

“Even if it hurts me?”

His voice betrayed the merest hint of kindness now. “Do you think it’s a coincidence that I came back here just as you were feeding from him? I felt your need. I returned because you needed me.”

Sasa swallowed hard to rid herself of the lump that had formed in her throat. She’d been such a fool! She’d never even considered the possibility that he’d felt her hunger or cared. With sadness, she realized he’d been the sire he’d promised to be from the first night he made her vampire.

“I’m sorry, Vasilije. I didn’t…I didn’t think.”

She couldn’t stand the gulf between them any longer. Wrapping her arms around him, she rested her head on his chest, hopeful that he felt the sadness inside her.

His hand touched her hair and he held her close. “Sasa, I’m the one who made you. How could you ever think I’d be able to let you suffer?”

Sorrow consumed her, and she let the tears flow that she’d held back since she’d watched him leave that night. Against his chest, she sobbed, “I thought you didn’t care. I didn’t know. First, you bring your vampires here and I know they…you…” Sasa stammered, unable to say the words. “Then you left without even saying goodbye. I thought you didn’t care.”

Kissing the top of her head, he whispered, “Don’t ever believe I don’t care. I’d be lost without you, Sasa. I wouldn’t want to go on if you weren’t with me. There would be nothing for me without you.”

Looking up, she smiled through her tears. “I’m sorry.”

Vasilije bent his head down to kiss her and for the first time since he’d returned, she felt like the man she’d fallen in love with all those nights ago was truly there. He cradled her face tenderly and stared into her eyes with that look that never failed to make her knees weak.

“I need to remember you haven’t been a vampire for long. But never doubt how much you mean to me, Sasa. In the middle of this civil war with the Archons, I need you with me. I can fight without you, kill without you, but I can’t live without you.”

When he kissed her again, the passion that had been there between them when they’d first found one another was there once more, as strong as ever. His lips pressed against hers, demanding the desire she so wanted to share with him. The sensual being who had seduced her simply by being himself was there again in every kiss and every touch.


So what about romance makes you want to read it? Comment below for a chance to win a Sons of Navarus book thong. One commenter will be chosen by random from the comments and the contest is open internationally, so good luck!

Thanks so much for having me here today to talk romance at Romancing The Book! For more information on the Sons of Navarus series, readers can visit my website at for excerpts, buy links, character profiles, swag (romance trading cards), and free desktop wallpapers to bring those delicious Sons to your computer. And look for Blood Prophecy coming soon!


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23 thoughts on “Guest & Contest: Gabrielle Bisset

  1. julie says:

    l love reading romance, because i like HEA and it takes me to places i didnt know i wanted to go. The Sons are all so sensually gorgeous its a joy to read about them and their heroines, My Terek is so utterely romantic too

  2. margie subia phillips says:

    i think everybody loves a good romance, you want your hero as well as a strong woman too, not a damsel and in the vampire genre you most likely get that, a very sexy alpha male and a woman that is able to stand up to him but at the same time in most cases be his equal and make him stand by her no matter what life bring to them. with the son’s you have all that,yet they are all very different and so are thier women, that is why i just love this story soo much,each brings a whole new personality to each story.

  3. kim brooks says:

    I love the except. I can’t wait for the new book to come out. For me romances are an escape, I love m hubby but he is not very romantic, he tries sometimes…..

  4. Emilia S says:

    I was recently introduced to the PNR genre almost two years ago. I’ve always been a thriller, mystery, suspense kind of reader. The reason I like PNR is because all of that is wrapped in with romance and it just makes the story that much better. For two ppl to find love in a world full of craziness is great, and it also helps that the “romantic” scenes are hot. Lol 🙂

  5. Dawn sullivan says:

    You described it best Gabrielle. A few years back my mom died and I got into a depression. I picked up reading and soon realized that reading was the only thing that helped. Especially romance. Reading a romance book allows me to leave the reality of my daily life and escape for a lil while. Your books transport me into the world you have created that’s why I love your books with a passion

  6. Crystal Newman says:

    I love to read romance because it just gives me that warm feeling everytime I read it. There is nothing better. I love to read a story that has a happy ending especially if I am having a bad day. It picks me up and makes me happy. Thank you for sharing a little about your book!!

  7. Phyllis Marshall says:

    This series is an absolute favorite of mine as a paranormal, a romance, some history lessons as well as plot. And Vasilije…well he just makes me weak in the knees. Gabrielle, thanks for the post and can’t wait for Ramiel!! Don’t count me for the prize…just here cause I love the boys!!!

  8. Holly C says:

    My husband is a wonderful man but wouldn’t know romance if it jumped up and bit him in the butt so instead I read about it! =)

  9. Renee C says:

    I love these books. I think everyone wants to be loved and cherished. The men in these books are willing to do anything and everything for the one they love. Who wouldn’t want that.

  10. Nicole Garcia says:

    My husband Vasilije. *sigh* Oh, sorry I got distracted for a moment. Blood Avenged is my all time favorite book. I love romance and HEA’s but a little bad boy added to the mix is always good:) Just as long as he takes care of the one he loves:) Can’t wait for Ramiel and Blood Prophecy:)

  11. Wendy Higgins says:

    I’m a new reader..maybe four years now. I love the feeling you get when reading a book and you are transported to that exact place. A great author makes you feel the emotion of the characters. Romance is what we all want.

  12. Josette Schaber says:

    When I’m looking for a romance, the first thing that usually catches my eye is if I already know the author, then I will look at anything know by them. I also look at books if they are recommended by friends. If I’m just walking by, a very eye catching cover will pull me in every time. Then I read the blurb on the back and if it sounds intrigure it’s in the basket. But, I will say, a cover will get me every time. If I like the blurb, but the cover is meh, I will put it back.

    As for the story… I look for something that keeps me on the edge of my seat and by the end I feel like I know the characters.

  13. Denise Van Plew says:

    For the romance and adventure to get away for a minute.Just discovered you as a author it they look intriguing.

  14. Anne says:

    Reading romance allows me to escape and gives me hope. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and have been changed by this experience. I found that reading was my inspiration to recover. Best wishes.

  15. Nicole S. says:

    I love romances, because everything works out in the end. It’s predictable (not all of it of course) and that’s how I want it to be. No matter what they go through, they find a way to be together and be happy.

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