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desirablepetalsscript020513Good morning!  Today we welcome Barbara Morgenroth to Romancing the Book.  She’s given us a fun interview featuring two of her characters from Unspeakably Desirable.  Bel is the heroine, who you’re going to be learning more about.  Molly is the journalist in the story.  She gets arrested at a swingers club after nagging Bel that Bel leads a boring life.  And here we go…

Molly:  Hi, Bel.  Thanks for granting me this interview.  After the issue with the police and the raid on the club, I haven’t been very popular at the newspaper.  Journalists are supposed to write the news not make it.  This will give me a chance to resurrect myself.
Bel:  And you’re surprised that I prefer a dull life.

Molly:  Do you honestly derive enough excitement simply by making pastries for your business Unspeakably Desirable?
Bel:  Yes, as unbelievable as you find that, it’s true.

Molly:  Do I need to remind you that you stabbed a man with a cooking fork?
Bel:  In the shoulder!  To protect my sister, Viva, from a man who poisoned David J. Resnick with apple cake.  If anyone needed dying, I must admit, he was a candidate.

Molly: And then there are the numerous television appearances.  Those aren’t usually considered relaxing.
Bel:  I prefer complete anonymity.  My sister is a show-off and can’t resist tinkering with my life.  For my own good, of course.

Molly: And you just happened to fall in love with, Asher Lau, the star of a cable news legal show.
Bel: Um…Life happens while you’re waiting for the croissants to rise.


Three women, one man. What could possibly go wrong?

French pastry was the only thing Bel Miller found unspeakably desirable until she met Asher Lau. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one who wanted him.
He’s a lawyer with a television show and a girlfriend who enjoys wrapping men up in duct tape and trussing them like a turkey. Once she catered his Thanksgiving feast, Bel figured she would never hear from Ash again. Well…by Christmas, she was sure Asher Lau and his heiress gal pal with the predilection for plumbing supplies would be out of her life. When the photos of the private sex romp go public, everyone is embarrassed but the girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend. She insists on marrying Ash as a cover story. “It was a Halloween costume!”

And then there’s that fan no one counted on. When something is unspeakably desirable, people can get really desperate.



Chapter 1

There was a sharp knock on my door that didn’t sound like it would go away if ignored, so I grabbed for a tea towel and tried to wipe the dough off my hands as I went to open it.  A tall, fairly breathtakingly handsome man was standing there.

“Hi.  I need your help.”

This was announced with such urgency I looked past him toward the driveway.  “Are the police after you?”

He looked at me in confusion.  “No.  Why?”

“Why would you need my help?”

“Joel sent me.”

My brother-in-law.  My heart sank.  “Oh no.”

“We’re old friends.”

“That doesn’t make it any better.  Are you a lawyer, too?”

“Why do you say it as if you just smelled something rank?”

“You have to ask?  Didn’t Joel tell you I just extricated myself from a lawsuit where I lost everything?”


“It’s true and I can’t help you.”

“I haven’t even asked yet.”

He was wearing his most charming smile that could only make me sigh knowing what I was in for–a big hustle.

Reaching forward with his hand, he moved me back from the door and closed it.  A moment later, there was a knock.  I opened the door.

“Hi.  I’m Asher Lau.  I’m looking for Belasset Miller.”

“I’m Bel Miller.”

“Your brother-in-law says you’re the best caterer in Connecticut.”

I finished wiping my hands free of dough and tossed the towel over my shoulder.  “He’s lying.  He’s a lawyer, you know.”

Ash reached forward and moved me back into the house for a second time.  The door closed followed quickly by a rap.  I opened the door.

“Bel.  Your sister says no one asks for help unless they need it.”

“She knew I’d turn you down unless she had you say that.”  I walked back toward the galley kitchen.

“Should I follow you or will I be arrested for trespassing?”

“Come on in.”  I returned to my marble counter top and my crust partially rolled out.

“What are you making?”

“Tarte Tatin.  It’ll be done in about forty minutes; do you want to stay and have some?”

He glanced at his watch.

“Forget it,” I said.  “Stick to your important schedule.”

“That’s not it.”  He sat down on the stool opposite the workstation to watch me roll out the pastry.  “Joel said you were the best natured girl he’s ever known.”

“Plainly, he’s lying.”  Compared to my sister, that was true. Viva could be hell on wheels when the mood overtook her.

“Obviously.  You’re a prickly pear.”

“Sweet-talking lawyers.  Gotta love ‘em.”  I lifted the crust and positioned it on top of the caramelized apples in the pan.  “How can you be sure I’m not good natured?”

“You’ve insulted me three times in the last five minutes.”

“Is that with less frequency than you’re accustomed to?”

“I’m not going out to come back in so we can start again.”


“What don’t you like about me?”  He could hardly keep the laughter out of his voice.

“I don’t know you well enough to dislike you yet.”



barbaramorgenrothprBarbara was born in New York City and but now lives somewhere else.  Starting her career by writing tweens and YA books, she wound up in television writing soap operas for some years.  Barbara then wrote a couple cookbooks and a nonfiction book on knitting.  She returned to fiction and wrote romantic comedies.

When digital publishing became a possibility, Barbara leaped at the opportunity and has never looked back.  In addition to the 15 traditionally published books she wrote, in digital format Barbara has something to appeal to almost every reader from Mature YAs like the Bad Apple series and the Flash series, to contemporary romances like Love in the Air published by Amazon/Montlake, and Unspeakably Desirable, Nothing Serious and Almost Breathing.

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