Review: White Lines II:Sunny by Tracy Brown

White Lines II:Sunny by Tracy Brown
Series: White Lines (#2)
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin
Pages: 304
Source:  Publisher

In her most stunning, riveting, unstoppable novel yet, bestselling and critically acclaimed author, Tracy Brown delivers the not-to-be-missed sequel to WHITE LINES.

On the surface, it appears that Sunny has got it all–looks, money, a beautiful home, a healthy daughter, and friends who love her. But Sunny has a secret—something she hasn’t even told her best friend. The truth is Sunny is unhappy. She still misses her beloved Dorian, and worries that no other man will ever captivate her the way he did. She dated some very powerful and successful men since Dorian’s death. But will she ever find love again?

It’s not long before Sunny is chasing those white lines again. And, when the truth finally explodes, will Sunny abe able to put her life back together again?


Review: This was such a stereotypical dark story about blacks who were drug dealers, were the women or kids of drug dealers; were drug users and showed how drugs ran their life usually destroying it or if they went back to using drugs after years of being clean did their family and friends know they were using again or were they kept in the dark? It also showed how the drug dealers or surviving families lived with riches due to the enormous amounts of money they collected with their illegal “job” – not wanting for anything.

There was such blackness to the story it was surreal at times to me. Everyone knew who the players were and they all lived their life as if they earned their money cleanly. Yes, a few characters went into legit businesses but many times those supposed legit businesses are covers for drugs and money laundering so I couldn’t tell if they were really legit or not in the story.

I didn’t read book 1 – White Lines – so it took me a while to figure out who everyone is and how they were related or what relationship they did have. It didn’t seem to be worth the trouble to me. Watching Sunny stumble and fall without anyone realizing wasn’t realistic. The storyline was choppy. There was some romance and love but mostly hatred, indifference or struggles due to their past history with drugs.

There was no closure to the story but a very abrupt ending – maybe leading into another book – but I have no knowledge of that. I was definitely left hanging. I’m not sure if I would pick up book 3 if there is one except to see how this story played out.