Review: Shotgun Relations by Ann Jacobs

Shotgun Relations by Ann Jacobs
Series: Caden Kink (# 2)
Release Date: September 21, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc
Pages: 133
Source:  Publisher

A modern-day Liberty Valance meets The Big Valley.

Jack Duval, country lawyer and bastard son of the Caden patriarch, first discovers rancher Liz Wolfe when he goes after her to spite his father. Soon, though, he learns she’s the submissive partner of his wildest fantasies.

But rustlers and murderers interrupt their hot BDSM play, and Jack must reveal secrets that may tear the two apart before he and Liz can move on to the next step toward happily ever after.

Reader Advisory: The lucky heroine is pleasured by three hot Doms in a BDSM ménage scene onstage at a sex club. The book also contains an instance of male/male action.


Review: Shotgun Relations is the second book in the Caden Kink series by Ann Jacobs. While it probably could be read as a stand-alone, there are several allusions to the scenes in the first story that won’t make a lot of sense if it hasn’t been previously read. There is not a lot of back story included in this book so to get the full effect of the story, I suggest they be read in order.

While I enjoyed getting to revisit with Jack and watch his relationship grow with his father, I felt this story read more like a hot, steamy porn flick with an overabundance of sex, wild and crazy at times. The romance between Jack and Liz was only minimally developed and I felt like had it not been for getting to know Jack in book one, I wouldn’t even have been able to connect with his character this time around.

The only information we learn about Liz felt like second hand knowledge. She readily jumped into a BDSM relationship with Jack, a lifestyle she knew nothing about, no questions asked. What was her reasoning behind this? There were also references to some history with her parents. I would have loved to have seen this developed more.

This story was definitely not lacking in the sex department. Holey moley! Can we say intense hot and steamy action going on here? The ménage scene at the club was definitely eyebrow scorching to say the least.

Overall, while I do not feel the characters were quite as developed this time around, I do look forward to continuing with the Caden Kink saga and plan to get my hands on book three.