Review: Mr. Sir by Jayne Kingston

Mr. Sir by Jayne Kingston
Series: Ball & Chain (# 1)
Release Date: January 16, 2013
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages: 71
Source:  Publisher

Even the most dedicated Dom/sub couples are subject to the pitfalls of domesticity. Right?

Owen and Grace’s kinky life has become a thing of the past. It’s been a year since Owen’s job moved him to a new city and away from all of their old friends. New city, new friends, new house—no play. And it’s making both of them really cranky.

After Grace attempts to take matters into her own hands on their tenth wedding anniversary, Owen realizes he’s failing her as her Dom. He comes up with just the thing to get them back on track—a surprise that’s custom made to keep his feisty little sub bound and begging for more for years to come. At least if everything goes to plan.


Review: Mr. Sir is the first book in the Ball and Chain series by Jayne Kinston. I chose the book because of how true life this was. Many times in life we sacrifice things we enjoy because of other things like work, family and kids that get in the way.

Owen and Grace have been married for ten years. After moving to a new city neither has played together. Once Grace makes an attempt to rectify things Owen decides to get them both back on track. The characters complement each other very well.

I did not understand the drama at the couples work and how that played into things. This story would have been better if the author spent more time on the couple’s relationship. Overall, this is a great book.