Review: Love’s Surrender by Samantha Kane

Love’s Surrender by Samantha Kane
Series: Brothers In Arms (# 9)
Release Date: December 7, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 105
Source:  Publisher

Lady Vanessa Carlton-Smythe is from one of England’s most well-respected families and the daughter of an earl. She has lived an exemplary life—the perfect daughter, the perfect lady. Until one Christmas Eve, when she meets two men who unleash her secret desires. She can’t surrender her heart, only her body, and only for the next twelve days. After Twelfth Night, their affair must end and she will return to a life that is slowly suffocating her.Veterans Nick and Oliver have been constant companions since Waterloo. They share everything, including women and a bad reputation. When Lady Vanessa catches them in a compromising position, they are seduced by the longing in her eyes. Cool, distant, unattainable—the more she protests, the more they want her. Vanessa’s desires prompt the two men to finally give in to their feelings and become lovers. When desire becomes love, can they convince Vanessa to leave her privileged life behind and surrender to them forever?


Review: Samantha Kane is a new to me author and certainly one that I will be looking for more work by! She is simply amazing with her story lines and her characters. From the start of the book, I was swept away to another time period, to another place where I could become someone else. When a book can completely engulf me like that, I make it a point to praise it highly. This book gets that high praise and so much more!

This is the ninth book in the Brothers In Arms series, but it’s not overly confusing in anyway. The characters were wonderfully chiseled and came to life the more the story progressed. The friendship between the two men was outstandingly created and the relationship that progressed when Lady V entered the picture, really added the depth to the whole story.

Oliver and Nick are both characters that I fell in love with. I can’t pinpoint one specific thing about either of them that would make me like one more than the other. Both were filled with flaws, both had intense feelings for each other, as well as the beautiful Lady V. I could feel their emotions overflowing into me as the reader.

Lady Vanessa. Now her character, while wonderfully chiseled, left me a little flustered. I loved her…but hated her. She was a virgin in every sense of the word and she really was naive. A little too naive, in my opinion. But, when she gave into her feelings for the soldiers, the heat was on!

I definitely recommend this story of surrendering to a love that’s real; a love that will overcome any obstacle and with a passion that is strong and true. Ms. Kane’s uniqueness in writing will sweep the reader off their feet and shower them with characters that will steal your heart, and capture your mind until the last page is turned. I am highly anxious to go back and read books 1-8 in this series, as well as, looking forward to any more sexy, passion filled romance that this new-to-me author will create!