Review: Great Sex Naturally by Dr. Laura Steelsmith and Alex Steelsmith

Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman’s Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine by Dr. Laura Steelsmith and Alex Steelsmith
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Publisher: Hay House
Pages: 303
Source: NetGalley



Do you want to powerfully transform your sexual energy, and boost your overall health at the same time? Whether you already enjoy a healthy sex life and would like to dramatically enhance it, or you need solutions to specific sexual health challenges, Great Sex, Naturally is the book you’ve been waiting for. It reveals for the first time how you can combine modern medicine, ancient secrets, and completely natural methods to dynamically recharge both your sexuality and your total health. This invaluable resource gives you many easy, safe, and effective tools and techniques—including Western and Eastern herbs, aphrodisiacs, nutritional supplements, dietary changes, exercises, natural hormones, vaginal lubricants and suppositories, acupressure, detoxification, and more—that you can use to increase your libido and transform your life on many levels.

A completely accessible all-purpose guide, Great Sex, Naturally is loaded with practical advice, specific tips, and simple solutions you can apply yourself. You can use it to directly address any immediate concerns you may have—such as enhancing libido naturally and safely, diminished sex drive, vaginal dryness, menstruation, ovulation, fertility, perimenopausal and menopausal changes, and many others—or you can read it cover to cover and experience the ultimate sexual health makeover. This unique book will empower you to take control of your sexual health and your overall well-being, and make changes in your life that will benefit you on a daily basis. A groundbreaking resource, innovative and comprehensive, this work is destined to become a classic for women who want to create more fulfilling sex lives.


Review: Great Sex Naturally is a must read for all women. It was a very accessible read. It was not filled with medical jargon that was boring or hard to understand. Each topic that was discussed flowed well and left me re-thinking how I have gone about my sex life. It was written by a couple. The wife is the Doctor and the husband the writer.

The topic of sex is often not discussed in today’s society. We are so overly sexualised but when it comes down to discussing what possibly could be wrong with our sex life it is all closed doors. This book opens up those doors and makes wanting and having a healthy sex life and sexuality attainable.

It only makes sense that if we are run down physically and mentally our bodies would not want to be sexually active. As women we need to have everything in balance for a healthy sex life. Great Sex Naturally gives you a detailed plan on how to achieve this through diet, exercise, and natural supplements.

I will be buying this book for many of my female friends because I think it is that important that we learn to have the best sex we can in order to be happy and healthy.







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