Review: Dragon Games by Jory Strong

Dragon Games by Jory Strong
Series: Supernatural Bonds (# 8)
Release Date: November 7, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages: 76
Source:  Publisher

Though he has no intention of shackling himself to a female, Tielo has devised a poker invitational to bring potential human mates to Drake’s Lair for his fellow dragons. Club co-owner Pierce has also set a plan in motion—to see his partner mated. When their two schemes collide in the shape of Lyra, smoke and flame result, literally.

For Lyra, the invitation to an evening of high-stakes poker is the answer to a prayer and her chance to help a family in need. But her confidence wavers upon entering Drake’s Lair, where the male members role-play as dragons and brazenly display their sensuality.

None are as dangerously distracting as Tielo. The gold-and-silver “dragon” could be her downfall, and not just at the poker table. Because despite his attempts at denial, overwhelming need and lust blast Tielo the instant he meets Lyra. He’ll have her beneath him before the night is done, his essence inside her, his claim undeniable.

For dragons, mating is no game…and Tielo is playing for keeps.


Review: Dragon Games by Jory Strong is the eighth book in the supernatural bonds series. I chose this book because I love reading paranormal stories about dragons. Then you combine dragons and hot and steamy erotic romance, what could go wrong?

I found Lyra a very strong character with a heart of gold. She enters the poker game to help a struggling family get back on their feet. Tielo really did not show up in this story until around halfway through. Tielo was a strong character portrayed as a man with a good heart looking for a good time until he meets his mate, Lyra. Once Lyra and Tielo got together sparks flew. They had excellent chemistry together. The sex scene was blistering!

The author did a great job on the story line. It was very authentic (if you overlook the dragons turning into people part). She hooked you in the first chapter and did not you go until the end. The ending seemed a bit rushed, and the story could have been much longer.

I would have loved it if Lyra and Tielo had more time alone together besides the one scene. I would have liked to know how the family she was trying to help thought of her intentions. Overall, I thought this story was fabulous.