Review: Chocolate Surprise by Gynger Fyre

Chocolate Surprise by Gynger Fyre
Release Date: October 20, 2012
Publisher:  Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Pages: 61
Source:  Publisher

Carmen and Michael have been happily married for nearly twenty years. At fifty-six, Michael has managed to keep up with his beautiful wife who happens to be twelve years younger than he is. At least he could, up until a month ago.

Between his busy career as the assistant football coach at the state university and her budding chocolatier and dessert business, the thrill has somehow gone, leaving Carmen sexually frustrated and Michael stuck on the sidelines, unable to get off the bench. Could a pill prescribed by his doctor get him back into the game?

Carmen is at her wits’ end. Michael’s inability to perform sexually has her concerned for his health as well as the state of their sex life. After a bit of arm-twisting, she gets him to the doctor, only to find out he’s as healthy as a horse. The doctor prescribes Michael a pill to jump-start his libido but he refuses to take it. When Carmen slips the crushed pill into a chocolate truffle made just for Michael, they will both end up surprised by the results.

Come join Michael and Carmen in this deliciously sweet tale of passion gone awry.


Review: I seriously loved this story.  It’s the first I’ve ever read from this author but it will not be my last.

This story is a real story.  By that I mean it could be anyone’s story.  It was hot and sexy.

Carmen is younger than her husband of twenty years.  Their kids are gone away to college and she feels they should be having the time of their lives sexually.  Michael had been virile and had a sexy appetite just like his younger wife and now…nothing.  It’s a wonderful story of a man and a woman having devoted so much of their lives together and want to fight for the love that they have for one another.  A woman who knows who she wants and is willing to do anything to keep that man in her life.  It’s about a man who knows he loves his wife and is terrified that he will lose her if he isn’t that same man that she married twenty years ago.

This story had great tension and buildup.  Even though it’s a short story I loved every minute of it and eagerly turned the pages to see what was going to happen next.  The characters are very believable in their interactions with one another and you feel their sadness and pain.  This story had me rooting for this couple.

I highly recommend this book. The author covered a lot of emotion in such a short story.  I will be on the look out from more from her.