Review: Champagne & Cravings by Ava McKnight

cravingsChampagne & Cravings by Ava McKnight
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 189
Source: Publisher



Intrigue, champagne and lust—what a combination!

Lacey is a corporate fraud and abuse investigator. Her latest assignment is to discover the saboteur of an ultra-sexy cosmetics campaign. Suddenly she has a multitude of suspects, a lesbian supermodel who wants to get it on with her and a company full of bigwigs none too pleased with the direction of her investigation.

Then there’s Mike, the gorgeous neighbor she finds naked in her shower. She’s been burned by his bad-boy kind before, but he’s wanted Lacey for three years and it seems he’s ready to make his move. While the scandal at work has her juices flowing, it’s the hunky Mike who’s slowly seducing her into shedding her inhibitions. From their first searing kiss, she’s hooked.

Carnal cravings abound, but can Lacey overcome her trust issues to accept the love Mike has to offer?


Reader Advisory: Minor scene of female/female exploration found within!
Review: Champagne & Cravings suffers from trying to be too many things in one book.

We have the corporate intrigue angle. Who wants to sabotage Elan Cosmetics? The company has a new product, yet at its launch, it appears not to work as promised. Who is behind this nefarious scheme?

We have the supermodel-with-a-heart-of-gold. She’s beautiful! She’s multifaceted! She loves a woman! Or does she … The beautiful Biel seems mightily insightful for a twenty-two-year-old, and we are meant to view her as the Wise Sage. It doesn’t work. She has too many problems of her own to be the fairy godmother of this tale.

We have the love story(ies). Lacey and Mike are neighbors who like each other. He’s a bad boy, she is a reformed bad boy chaser. He wants a relationship, she is scared. So they talk about it. BOY, DO THEY TALK. There is a LOT of talking about love and relationships in this book. And when I say “a lot,” I mean, “way too much.” Between Biel and Lacey alone, there is copious amounts of yapping. Factor in Mike, who likes to ruminate on relationships, and you have more navel gazing than you’d find on a Dr. Phil episode.

You want to know about the sex, though, right? It’s hot. Smoking hot, actually. Ava McKnight can write a sex scene, people, and that is why you should read the book. Honestly, you can skip through all of the boring plot stuff and get to the sex scenes. There are quite a few of them, and they are all nicely done.

Otherwise, this one is a snooze fest.






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