Review: Betrayed by Alyssa Fox

Betrayed by Alyssa Fox
Series: Sizzling Nights series (# 2)
Release Date: November 29, 2012
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing, Inc.
Pages: 143
Source:  Publisher

Tasha Thomas’s life has been turned upside down. One day at work she finds evidence that her boss, the mayor, is heading up a sex ring. She’s in over her head. He sends his men after her for knowing too much information, so she runs to her husband Alex for help.

Alex is shocked to see his wife, who left months ago, on his doorstep. He’s never gotten over her leaving. Now he vows to protect her with his very last breath. Except all the evidence points to her being guilty of being the head of the sex ring his FBI team has been trying to bring down. Can he prove her innocence and show her that they still belong together before he loses her for good?


Review: Betrayed is the second book in the Sizzling Night series by Alyssa Fox. I chose the book because I enjoy reading suspense and BDSM. This book has both together in one book.

Tasha Thomas is not having a great year. She miscarried, and left her husband. Even though she kept her job working for the Mayor, she has her coworkers tell anyone looking for her she left town. Once she finds out that the Mayor is involved in criminal activity she turns to the only person who can help her, her husband and FBI agent. Tasha is a strong person, it’s apparent that she is unused to getting help from those around her. She is a very likable person. She just seems to have a streak of bad luck.

Alex Thomas is a FBI agent who has not seen his wife in eight months. He reserves judgment on whether Tasha is telling the truth. Alex seems more interested in getting his wife into bed than protecting her or even believing her. When Alex’s brother comes over at Tasha’s request Alex’s jealousy goes overboard. Alex never really sits Tasha down and questions her, nor does he pass the information on to others at the FBI to help her. He is very quick to believe that she is guilty.

The story was a bit rushed. This story could have been easily twice this length it was. There was never any real dialogue between Alex and Tasha as to facts that could help prove her claim and catch the Mayor. Tasha is a bit to easy on her husband and too accepting when he lashes out on her. Overall this was a fabulous story. I can’t wait to read more from this author.



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