Review: A Table for Three by Lainey Reese

A Table for Three by Lainey Reese
Series: New York (# 1)
Release Date: April 20, 2010
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
Pages: 200
Source:  Publicist

Riley Ramirez knew that moving to New York would change her life. She just didn’t expect it to start on her very first night in town. Her attraction to nightclub owner Kincade Marshall is instant, mind-blowing—and mutual. When she finds he is a Dom who requires her complete surrender, even when it comes to submitting to his best friend, Trevor Wellington, she finds herself willing and eager to embrace the sexual adventure.

From their earliest days, Cade and Trevor have shared everything, including women. Yet it only takes one night with Riley to know she is their forever lady. Convincing her that this is more than a temporary fling, though, will take every tool in their sensual arsenal.

As Cade and Trevor set their sights on Riley, however, they’re unaware—until it’s almost too late—that someone is targeting their fragile relationship. Someone who’s taking deadly aim at Riley. Suddenly their struggle to keep their forever woman is a fight to keep her alive…


Review: This book is pretty much sex, from cover to cover. I read it over about four days and sometimes it was hard to put my reader down because I knew there would be another hot sex scene coming up. I love multiple partner sex scenes and this book is mostly threesomes (with a fourth voyeur thrown in for good measure).

The characters were a little weak, though. The main character, Riley, is somewhere between innocent virgin and hot tamale and I had a hard time relating to the goody two shoes side of her. All she wants to do with her life is to help other people through volunteer work – but get paid for it – and rather than wanting to see typical New York City tourist sights on her first night in town, she wants to go to the hottest nightclub. Her first night in town she has public sex with a man she doesn’t know, yet she’s had only two boyfriends. I just wish she were a little more “solid”, less wishy-washy.

The men, Cade and Trevor, are handsome, wealthy and kind. No flaws. Of any kind. It would have been nice to see a scar or a commitment issue or even a fear of spiders. I think the problem I had with them was that they were fantasy men – the kind we women put into our daydreams and think we want but when it comes to real life, realize we don’t really want all that fawning and attention. We just want good sex and to have the garbage taken out.

Luckily this book has plenty of that. The good sex, that is. I swear, almost every chapter will leave you wet and wanting. While the characters may not be my ideal, the sex is sizzling and exhilarating. I’ve already put a couple of ideas to my guy and I’m sure you’ll find one or two of your own as well.



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  1. Kathleen O says:

    Sounds like a book to be considered for my TBR list… Thanks for the review. She is a new to me author.

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