Product Review: Passion – Closer Together Game

Passion – Closer Together Game
Manufacturer: Ozze Creations
Materials: Game includes 104 Challenge cards, 32 favor cards, and 26 penalty cards. Also included is a game board, 2 tokens, 1 notepad, 1 blindfold, 2 spin dials, and 2 pencils.
Source: Purchased by reviewer

This is not your typical sex game! Passion is a couples only game, designed for two adult players to enjoy together. This game is all about spicing up your love life while having fun. You and your partner will be entertained for hours as you challenge each other for favor cards and do your best to stay away from penalty cards. Grow closer together as you play with Passion!


Review: This game was purchased at a local Adult Store at retail cost for $29.99.

This game is very fun to play. It is made for two and the activities are designed to keep you and your partner enticed and excited.

The purpose of the game is to be the first to get to the final square on the board. This game is bound to bring you and your mate closer together, learn more about each other, and most likely land you guys in the bedroom after the game!!!

The game is played using Favor Cards, Penalty Cards, and Challenge Cards. It is recommended to have some of your own household items such as ice cubes, music, beverages, some edible treats and a stopwatch. The game is played on a table, but have room to get cozy and intimate with your mate! You must be enthusiastic and open minded to play this game or it will take away from the fun!

Some of the challenges include: quizzes, questions, kissing, staring, massages, and physical challenges. I will not give specifics and spoil the fun!

One great part of the game is the cards! Some of the “favors” and “penalties” are immediate during game play or are designated for “after the game”. This means most likely you will take these “penalties” and “favors” into the bedroom or an intimate place for some more XXX adult fun!

There were two things I did not like about the game, but these were minor. The staring contest is hard to judge and there are many “quiz” spaces and not many quiz cards which seemed to waste many turns if you land on a quiz square. Other than these two minor things I loved the game.

It reminded me and hubby of things we as a couple kind of forgotten during our relationship time and did bring us closer. And of course the game was a success, since we did end up in the bedroom!!!

I recommend this game for fun couples that wanna spice it up. The game is definitely adult, but not XXX rated but rather fun, sexy and spicy! Hubby and I will definitely play it again. (Plus he owes me some favors that I have not cashed in yet!)









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