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shona husk picJen: Today we are excited to welcome Shona Husk as her blog tour makes a stop at Romancing the Book. Shona, please share a short bio with us.
Shona: Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn’t looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she weaves new worlds and writes heroes who aren’t afraid to get hurt while falling in love.

With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she is published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing and Sourcebooks.

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Shona: Dark Secrets is the second book in the Arcane series. Set in a weird west world where magic has been unionized and is tightly controlled the books are about the way this affects people. Whether they are trying to hide it so they don’t have to join the union or whether they have gone rogue and are now being hunted. Haidyn is trying to slip beneath the union’s notice but he uses magic every day while running his Lust House. He was an interesting character from the moment he walked into my mind. Dark Vow is the first in the series but they stand alone.

Six years ago, Haidyn Mast left his home and his betrothed Anisa to follow his magical calling. Too weak to join the Arcane Guild and too ashamed to return home, he has made a life as a prostitute–to all outward appearances. In truth, he sells his mind but not his body, using magic to let his clients experience their most secret fantasies while his hands stay clean. Even the Lawman, the arbiter of justice in Reseda, is one of his clients, but Haidyn would rather not know the extent of that man’s depravity.

Though successful, Haidyn is shunned as a whore and his lack of formal training is causing his power to grow out of control. He’s ready to retire and leave the city, but when he sees his Anisa standing at Lawman’s side, he knows he must rescue her from the abusive enforcer. Risking his life and his sanity, he devises a plan, knowing that failure will mean death for him, and a lifetime of torment for her…

Jen: Are you a plotter or pantster?
Shona: Plotter. I like to know the big sign post events before I start (the big pivotal scenes) and I also like to work out what my characters want, what they fear and what makes them tick. As I write this is often tweaked as the story comes together.

Jen: Describe your writing in 3 words.
Shona: Dark, sexy, intriguing

Jen: How do you remember ideas that come to you at odd times?
Shona: I write them down and put them in the ideas box. If they are about a story I’m working on I’ll make a note either on my phone, or if I’m at work I’ll email it to myself 🙂

Jen: How do you come up with characters names?
Shona: I have a baby name book that sits on the shelf near my desk. I usually know what sound I want for a character’s name and often which culture I want to draw from so I’ll flick through the book until something catches my eye. Other times I’ll hear an interesting name and write it down. The heroine of Dark Secrets was one of those names. When I was writing the story I knew it was perfect for her.

Jen: What’s next for you?
Shona: I have two releases in May, Ruby’s Ghost (ghost romance) and Lunar Exposure (erotic sci-fi romance). In July I start a new series set between the fairy Court of Annwyn and our world. The Outcast Prince is the first book.

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  1. Maria D. says:

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway. I’ve read some of Shona’s other works and enjoyed them. This sounds like an interesting series

  2. Viki S. says:

    Do you find it difficult to convey the meaning of things, even though many of us are in English speaking countries?
    I love you goblins :).

    • I have to write in American English for my publishers which is different to Australian English. Different grammar rules as well as different spelling and also cultural things like torch vs flashlight. Sometimes there’s even different phrasing!

  3. Beckey says:

    Congrats on the release … Not entering … Already have the ARC Version
    The book is an enjoyable read 😉

    Thanks for sharing great post…

  4. Barbara Elness says:

    Wow, after reading the description of Dark Secrets, I’m very eager to read it. It sounds so fantastic. And does anyone else think the guy on the cover looks just like Zachary Quinto?

  5. Crystal Newman says:

    I have read your goblin books and was wondering if there will be anymore or are you done with that series? I can’t tell you how much I loved reading your books and I have been wanting to read this one since the day I first saw it on a blog. Thank you so much for sharing your book.

  6. Filia Oktarina says:

    I am eager to read this book, read description make me curious with this book.
    I love the cover book too!! I must check news about this series now!!

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    Love the interview and can´t wait for my chance to read, =)
    Happy Saturday!
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

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    I have been following the tour today and getting caught up and having a good time. I love the idea of a thought box – this is great! I am also already intrigued to know more about Ruby’s Ghost – will be keeping my eye peeled 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Beautiful cover! Where or how did you get the idea to write your book! I’m curious! I l would love to read DARK SECRETS! thank you for this giveaway of your book!

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