Review: Touch of a Scoundrel by Mia Marlowe

Touch of a Scoundrel by Mia Marlowe
Series: Touch of Seduction (# 3)
Release Date: July 31, 2012
Publisher:  Brava
Pages: 310
Source:  Publisher

It’s a matter of honor, duty… and desire…

Griffin Nash, Earl of Devonwood, wants to believe that he’s seducing Miss Emmaline Farnsworth out of protectiveness for his young brother. After all, if his brother is convinced that the tantalizing professor’s daughter is unworthy of his trust, perhaps Teddy will lose all interest in such an inappropriate choice for his station. But in truth, something else motivates Griffin: a scintillating vision of a future tryst with the lovely Emmaline. A vision too realistic to be doubted—and too scaldingly passionate to be denied.

Yet Emmaline is not as easily tempted as Griffin might have hoped—nor is she actually in pursuit of a wealthy husband. No, the real reason for her visit to the manor is something much more shocking… though being enticed by a dashing earl may prove to be a most welcome by-product of her schemes.


Review: When his brother, Theodore, comes home from Egypt with a fiancee and her father in tow, Griffin Nash, the Earl of Devonwood, is skeptical of what Ms. Emmaline Farnsworth and her father really want. While Griffin tries to discover just what Emma and her father are up to, he finds himself falling in deeper for her and discovering the Emma manages to take away the pain associated with his gift of seeing the future.

Griffin and Emma were two individuals who were trapped in circumstances of their own making. Griffin held himself away from others because he was afraid of what he gift might show him. Emma wanted to be loved so she went along with whatever scheme her adopted father came up with to make him happy. Neither of the characters are very likable and could be downright nasty to each other. Despite that, they’re attraction to each other was undeniable and as the story went on you hoped they both had the courage to finally grab the one thing they wanted.

I was hoping for so much more from this story. With an Egyptian artifact, an Earl with the gift of “sight” and a Marquess dabbling in a bit of witchcraft, I thought this would be a book that kept me at the edge of my seat. While the romance between Griffin and Emma is the main focus of the story, the Egyptian statue and the Marquess’ involvement also played an important role in the how and why Griffin and Emma came together, so I wanted more involvement and the outcome of the story to be a direct result of this storyline and not Ted and Griffin’s disagreement.

This was enjoyable read for the majority of the story, even if it left me wanting more.



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  1. Kathleen O says:

    I like Mia Marlowes books and I have not got around to reading this one yet. I do have it on my tbr list. Thanks for your review on this book.

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