Review: The Very First Bite by Cynthia Langston

The Very First Bite by Cynthia Langston
Release Date: August 16, 2012
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 332
Source:  Author

The Very First Bite chronicles the toils and triumphs of Lanie Albers, who has just ten weeks to mentally and physically prepare for the ultimate day of reckoning: her high school class reunion. With twenty pounds of extra weight, a dead-end job and a boyfriend who won’t commit, the prospect of revisiting old classmates has Lanie reeling with panic. Not to mention the loose ends she’ll finally have to face, like Chad, her first love, for whom she suspects she might still have feelings. And Candace, her lifelong best friend, who abruptly ended their friendship seven years ago with no explanation. By examining the ghosts of her past, Lanie begins to prepare for the revelations and confrontations of the big night. She also launches a desperate campaign to lose weight: an uproarious battle with fad diets and disastrous workouts, most of which lead her right back to the cookie jar.


Review: Losing weight is difficult for so many of us. Many of us fail in our goals, while those with steel wills can manage to lose the majority of the weight they need/want to lose. But like Lanie Albers, very few of us ever learn to love the person who looks back at us in the mirror even after we’ve lost weight.

I disliked Lanie a lot and found her too obsessed with losing weight so that she didn’t look like she’d let herself go to high school classmates she hadn’t seen in over five years since their ten year reunion. She was trying to please everyone else, and that’s when I realized the reason why I disliked her was because she reminded me of me. You should never, ever lose weight to please anyone but yourself.

The Very First Bite will have you laughing, crying, seething in anger, and reaching for a bottle of water and a cheeseburger. You’ll find yourself holding your breath each time Lanie steps on the scale and rolling your eyes as she flits from one diet to the next.

I didn’t much care for her sister, Libbie, at all. Sara proved to be a great friend, even when Lanie pushed her to her breaking point. Lance was amusing and the twist at the end involving him had me giggling. Candace and Chad were an interesting – and somewhat surprising – mix. And Mark…I spent half the book shaking my head at him and the other half shaking my head at Lanie.

Overall this is a really good book that makes you really think about yourself and food and how you can coexist.

Warning: There are several uses of a derogatory word depicting homosexual males.