Review: Swap Over by Margaret Pearce

Swap Over by Margaret Pearce
Release Date: June 7, 2012
Publisher:  Astraea Press
Pages: 112
Source:  Publisher

Maddy had a best friend who had everything, wealthy doting parents, attended an exclusive school, owned her own horse for gymkhanas, and she was well liked and popular as well. Maddy lived in an ordinary over crowded little house, with two unpleasant sisters who crowded her bedroom and her life. Her parents didn’t have enough money for anything extra and didn’t seem to care that she was missing out on all the good things in life. She attended an ordinary school with her sisters.

Maddy’s wish that she could swap into Jennifer’s life is granted. So she has Jennifer’s privileged life, and Jennifer has her boring poverty struck life. So why is she still unhappy, and why is Jennifer still happy, well liked and popular?


Review: Maddy is a bitter young woman who does nothing to endear herself to the reader for the majority of this book. She is a spoiled young lady who isn’t satisfied with any aspect of her life; and to be honest, I don’t think she really likes HERSELF.

Jennifer, on the other hand, is a lovely young woman that we don’t nearly get to know other than the few bits of her that is shown in her own life and when she switches with Maddy. Maddy, however, is the only one who knows that they’ve switched lives. It is through Maddy’s journey as Jennifer – though they never switch names, just families, which is nice – that we find out that Jennifer’s life is not nearly as rosy as Maddy envisioned.

I highly recommend this to any parent or grandparent or aunt of a young lady who thinks that her life stinks and would be better off if she lived someone else’s life. Through Maddy’s journey of self-discovery and self-realization, Ms. Pearce leads the reader on her own journey of how thankful she should be of the life she’s been given to live and to live it to the fullest.