Review: Stormy Knight’s Three Bustiers trilogy

All for Lust by Stormy Knight
Series: The Three Bustiers (# 1)
Release Date: June 9, 2011
Publisher:  Sapphire Nights Books
Pages: 58
Source:  Publisher
Tags:  Erotica, Suspense

Phoebe’s bored with her life, except for the occasional verbal foreplay with “Gold Wanger,” aka Collin Ramsey, the hunky rich man who is always in her office seeking a settlement with his latest girlfriend. Her two friends are just as bored and similarly unattached and underappreciated. Yet, they can’t afford to be too forward and ruin their daytime images in well-paying jobs. But what’s wrong with really changing up their appearances with wigs, risqué fashion and becoming lustful ladies at night?

Dressed in hot disguises, the ladies hit the new city hotspot to find some action. They hadn’t counted on kidnapping and murder.

Review: What happens when three friends decide that they are tired of not getting any and their having fantasies about men?

That’s right they become like the Three Musketeers and say one for all and all for lust. They decide to put wigs on and dress differently and find a man to get over their dry spot. And the reader is taken on a great of adventure of sex, murder and kidnapping.

In the first story we follow Phoebe who is a paralegal and has fantasies about Collin. So she decides to take matters into her hands and demands what she wants. The story starts one way and ends up is a completely different direction. I was drawn in and taken on one adventure and before I knew it, I was on another. Stormy always does such a great job coming up with her stories. The characters each have their own personalities and could each be the main characters.

I was kept in suspense and couldn’t wait to figure out who all was behind the kidnapping and killing of women. I also couldn’t wait to see how Phoebe’s and Collin’s relationship would pan out.  I was left feeling that things just weren’t right with Phoebe and Collin. I really would like to know more about them. Maybe in the next book I will find out more and be taken on another adventure.



One Good Lay by Stormy Knight
Series: The Three Bustiers (# 2)
Release Date:  July 17, 2011
Publisher:  Turquoise Morning Press
Pages: 60
Source:  Publisher
Tags: Erotica, Menage, Suspense

When Brice Carter wishes for one good lay, the universe answers and gives her two. The drool-worthy hunks come just in time to help her save her friend, Jocelyn, from theft and murder charges. In the midst of danger and deception, can Brice discover that her black and white delights are just what the nurse practitioner ordered?

Review: I started the second book as soon as I got done with the first. I just couldn’t wait to see what Stormy Knight had in store for the second one.  I wasn’t disappointed in this one. Brice gets the choice that she never thought that would be handed to her. Just as things were heating up she gets a call from her friend Jocelyn.

Brice doesn’t know if she should be careful what she wishes for or just go along. When you have two men both wanting you and one of your friends being framed for murder it’s a miracle that Brice doesn’t lose it.

The adventure is never ending. The sex in each one is hotter than the last. I wouldn’t be able to choose between two sexy men and also try to solve a murder case and free my friends name.

I can just imagine what I’m in store for in the next book. I am enjoying this adventure more and more. So hopefully after the next book everyone will have a happy ending and all answers will be known.



Steaming Up by Stormy Knight
Series:  The Three Bustiers (# 3)
Release Date: August 28, 2011
Publisher:  Sapphire Nights Books
Pages: 54
Source:  Publisher
Tags: Erotica, Suspense

Jocelyn Trainer was getting bed shy. The last two men she’d bedded died minutes afterwards. Through both dilemmas, she’d leaned on Royce Quarterman, her HOT next door neighbor, and now found herself with a huge problem. How could she ask the man to help find her a sex partner when she wanted him to be it? And why did murder have to interfere?

Review: In this third book, we are taken on a final adventure. I believe when they say all for one and all for lust is making them have bad luck.

It just seems that since Jocelyn has been through a lot with her friends and herself that she would finally get a break. The last two men that she has hooked up with have been killed after they have sex. Can’t a girl just get a break and have a good time?

Royce wants Jocelyn but all she sees him as is the neighbor that is there when everything goes wrong. Will they have what it takes to have a relationship or will someone else get killed?

I have enjoyed all three of these books and have been on the best adventures that I’ve got to experience in awhile. The only thing that I feel is missing is will Phoebe ever find the man that she is meant to be with or will she stay single. So with that I feel like there is still something missing.

I have looked to see if there is another book, but came up empty and that makes me feel sad. I hate that it might end like this and it makes me feel that something is missing. So will there be anymore all for one and all for lust?

I recommend that you read this series and and get to enjoy the adventure and the hot moments like I did.

Favorite Quote: “All for one and all for lust”


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful reviews, Crystal. Never fear, Phoebe will have her day. Collin is also not out of the picture, I haven’t forgotten about her or him. 😉

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