Review: Perfect Master by Ann Jacobs

Perfect Master by Ann Jacobs
Series: Pleasure Partners (# 5)
Release Date: August 5, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 61
Source:  Publisher

Crown Prince Arik needs a consort to breed his sons but is afraid no woman will have him voluntarily once she sees his scars. He will meet his bride for the first time at their public mating, with Arik covered from head to toe in black leather—except for the bare essentials.  Emerald is alarmed yet highly aroused as the palace eunuchs fondle and stimulate her in preparation for Arik’s mating. But afterward, he pulls from her body, escorts her to his tower and leaves her alone. Emerald once saw her prince from a distance and admired his beautiful form. Confused by Arik’s behavior, she insists she has the right to see her mate and he reluctantly accedes to her demand. Arik is afraid for the first time in his life and filled with regret that he refused the help of the cyborg maker. Their future rests on this fateful revelation.


Review: I wanted to read Perfect Master because I was intrigued when the blurb mentioned that he is afraid that he will be seen without his leather bodysuit and to be totally honest, the mention of the palace eunuchs. It concerned me that I had not read any of the other books in the Pleasure Partner series but I was not disappointed in the fulfillment of my curiosity. Ms. Jacobs uses her brilliant talent to pen a compelling story about a man who is being asked to set aside reality to believe in a dream and a woman who is determined to have faith in her dream and create a reality.

Crown Prince Arik struck me as a marvelous combination of strength, determination, righteous anger, tenderness, uncertainty and hope. This kind of hero was not typical in that he wasn’t as angst ridden, nasty and bitter to the core as some main characters I’ve read lately and that was a pleasant change. Don’t misunderstand me, he was not all soft, flowery and sweet either but I never felt that the heroine should turn and run the other way screaming.

My instant impression of Emerald was that she was shallow and selfish. She came across as spoiled and that set my teeth on edge a bit. I did come to admire her as her feelings for Arik started to evolve into something more substantial. The role of eunuchs was something I don’t usually encounter in most of the stories I read, so that was unique for me and I must say they were very interesting. I was intrigued when I read in the blurb that they both alarm and arouse her. I couldn’t wait to read how those encounters would be described.

I really enjoyed the interaction of the main characters with each other and with the secondary characters. I never felt left of out the loop having not read any of the previous books in the series and I will be looking more deeply into this series. I felt that everything was cohesive and flowed with wonderful ease. Ann Jacobs’ superb writing made it possible to understand the nuances of the political realities Arik dealt with as well as the private ones that each of the characters faced. This is a book I would recommend to anyone who would like to put their hands on something hot and unusual.

Reader Advisory: This book contains erotic, multi-partner sex scenes and graphic male/male sexual interaction.



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