Review: Grow A Pair by Tara Fox Hall

Grow A Pair by Tara Fox Hall
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Publisher:  Beau to Beau Books
Pages: 13
Source:  author

When dramatic changes begin to occur in Callie, she fears they may be the result of a chemical spill from a plant ten miles from where she lives. Catching her boyfriend cheating on her, she moves in with a woman, but her attraction to her new roommate makes her question her own sexuality. Is she really falling in love with a woman? How can she possibly explain what is going on inside her own body and that her transformation may not be complete? Her roommate will surely think she has lost her mind.


Review: This was a interesting story about a female going through a transformation from female to male and all because of a chemical spill. I loved the premise of seeing what would happen to someone who in one moment was one sex and seemingly over night became another.

I do feel that there were some things that weren’t answered in the story. But that being said this was a short story and I knew that, that was what I was requesting to read. SO…to the author I would love to see you do another story to let us know what happened after this story with the two characters.

Callie/Cal has so much going on not only because of the transformation but because of relationship issues with a boyfriend.  Not sure if the story is believable as a contemporary but it would be believable as a fantasy.

With a longer book I think there is so much more that can be addressed in this story.



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