Review: Dom Next Door by Reese Gabriel

Dom Next Door by Reese Gabriel
Release Date: February 15, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 56
Source:  Publisher

Tristy’s neighbor Grant is every woman’s dream. He’s handsome, sexy and a hero cop. They’re pals, though she thinks he might want more. But Grant is a Dom and Tristy has no experience in the BDSM lifestyle. It scares her. She would never allow a man to control her. It’s just that he’s so damn hot and hard to resist.

Tristy shows up at Grant’s apartment and starts pushing his sexual buttons big-time. Their chemistry is explosive. He decides to take her to bed, tie her, blindfold her and show her what he can do to her body—just the barest introduction to his dominant nature. But when Tristy finds her submissive soul…all bets are off.


Review: This was a short story, only 56 pages, but they really packed a wallop. The story was told in the third person so you were able to gauge the thoughts and feeling from each character.

Tristy and Grant are best friends and he’s there whenever she has a bad breakup and needs to talk. I have to say that Grant is just a nice guy. He was really likable, and the type of guy you would want to root for. He’s had a thing for Tristy since she moved in but didn’t want to ruin the friendship they formed. He’s a man that is in tune with a woman’s feelings but it doesn’t take away from his manliness. Tristy is a woman that is afraid of the BDSM lifestyle but at the same time is intrigued by it. She trusts Grant, is attracted to him and wants to find out if she could be the type of woman Grant wants.

This story has a lot of emotional intensity, and not just the sexual parts. Grant and Tristy have a lot of emotional intensity for each other. They each have layers of emotional “stuff”, for lack of a better word, that they are working on which lends to their complexity as a person and is the source of their problems that they need to sort out. I think that Tristy is a more complex character then Grant due to traumas stemming from her childhood. I think that Tristy needs to find out who she is and if submitting to Grant is something she can and wants to do.

Grant is complex as well, but his stem from his BDSM lifestyle and what he expects from himself and the women he’s with. Grant knows who he is, what he wants, what he expects from himself and the people in his life and won’t accept anything less. How can you fault ideals like that? I like Grant because he’s a standup type of guy that will take care of a situation but won’t make you feel like a helpless child.

Even though this was a short story it was an entertaining read with lots of sweaty sex, a sexy handsome dominant man and emotional intensity that won’t make you feel uncomfortable but is satisfying.