Review: Darklove by Claudy Conn

Darklove by Claudy Conn
Release Date: January 25, 2012
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Page: 236
Source:  Publisher

One goal consumes Chazma Donnelly: find the dark sorcerer who murdered her parents. When the trail leads her to Ireland, she takes a job cataloging a private library. But she doesn’t expect to find a manor house that eerily echoes one in her dreams, or an employer whose touch awakens a savage darkness within her.

The attraction between Chazma and Lord Jethro McBain is volatile, but darkness surrounds his aura. Chazma doesn’t trust him, even though it is his voice she hears in her sleep, and his touch that sizzles the blood in her veins.

As Chazma’s investigation widens, a series of local murders shows the killer knows of her obsession. Will Chazma’s need for revenge take her from the edge of evil into a black pit where she can no longer find herself? Or can she find love in the midst of darkness?


Review: I am a huge fan of paranormal romance. Right now it is the genre I read the most and I am a sucker for a steamy, get-your-heart-racing, feel the blush on my cheeks romance.

Our heroine is Chazma, who under the guise of a new job, travels to Ireland to track down the killer of her parents. She immediately meets the man of the house, and her new boss, Lord Jethro McBain, who is tall, dark and oh-so-handsome! He immediately gets her blood boiling and so starts this romance.

Chazma and Lord Jethro are H-O-T! They follow the normal romance equation of promises to stay away from each other but constantly being pulled together but an unseen force. Their moments are highly emotional, to say the least. They have misunderstandings, tell white lies and give each other a lot of longing looks from underneath eyelashes. Jethro is an ultimate alpha male – taking what he wants and making no excuses. He’s the very rich Lord of the house, is not questioned by anyone (well…almost anyone) as to what he does or how he does it.

Unfortunately, the book was a big confusing. Chazma is introduced and quickly on her journey but there wasn’t much background as to who she really is. I felt like I was always trying to catch up. We eventually find out who the “big bad” is but I feel like it was so hurried at the end that we didn’t really get to know what his motivation was. Also, the book was set in Ireland, one of the most gorgeous countries on this planet, and I didn’t feel connected to the environment at all.

Even with those few things, the book was enjoyable. The romance was excellent and the scenes between Chaz and Jethro were sizzling.