Review: Carnal Desires by D L Jackson

Carnal Desires by D L Jackson
Series: The Edge
Release Date: February 15, 2012
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing
Pages: 14
Source:  Publisher

When Mercedes, the town librarian, enters a place no good girl would dare to tread, she meets a man who says he’s an incubus, who has an offer too tempting to pass. After the encounter with the stranger, sanity returns and Mercedes begins to wonder if she’s lost her mind along with her memory, or if the man in the back of the adult toy store really was who he claimed to be.


Review: This was a fantastic read. The characters were really believable as well as lovable. I loved the twist to the story and really wanted to read more. This book was part of The Edge Series from Decadent Publishing and it didn’t disappoint.

Mercedes and the lover she meets in the sex shop were one hot couple. I really loved how the story developed. The characters were well rounded and the plot flowed well. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick erotic tale! I’m really hoping the author reads this review and decides to do a sequel. I’d love to see more of the characters.



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  1. Nichelle,

    Lovely review of my short. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. As for sequels, I have two stories that follow this one. Carnal Attraction and Carnal Desires.


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