Review: All Afternoon With A Scandalous Marquess by Alexandra Hawkins

All Afternoon With A Scandalous Marquess by Alexandra Hawkins
Series: Lords of Vice
Release Date: July 31, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Pages: 320
Source:  Publisher

Simon Jefferes, the Marquess of Sainthill, has done the unthinkable—he’s fallen in love. The so-called “Saint” has spent his life gambling, dallying with women, and satisfying his every whim. And he fully intended to continue his wicked ways, until he met the mysterious, exotic, and irresistible Madame Venna—the one woman he can’t have…and the only one he’s ever wanted for more than an evening.

The proprietress of the Golden Pearl, one of London’s most exclusive brothels, Madame Venna takes pride in the lush, decadent club she’s created. With a half-mask to conceal her identity, she’s careful to safeguard something even more valuable—her heart. But Saint is determined to tear down the walls she’s built around herself, and to finally expose the truth—that Madame Venna is a woman very much in love…with him.


Review: The reason that I picked this book to read was because I have read the others in this series and I just can’t get enough. I really love the cover of the book too.

I love the Lord of Vice series and each one always leaves me with a lasting impression. I love reading how all seven are there for each other. They are closer than family. No one can do anything to them except them and they always have each others backs. I enjoy when each one find the woman just for them. It might not be what society thinks they should do, they don’t care and seem to not do any wrong.

When I read Simon Jefferes, the Marquess of Sanithill, aka the Saint and Charlotte Deverall aka Madame Venna’s story I was hooked. I got so into all of the mystery of the life that they both lead. I hated what their childhoods where like. I think that since they went through what they did that, it made them better suited to each other. I could just imagine myself in the story.

The thing that mad me mad at them was that they fought their feelings for each other. They reminded me of little kids. If they had just talked or quit being so pig-headed six years wouldn’t have been wasted. I know to make a good story, there has to be some conflict.

They had an instant connection from the first time that they layed eyes on each other. While four of the Lords of Vices found the women to make their lives complete, that still left three of the group and they we not go down easily. You can just imagine them kicking and fighting all the way. That is what makes it that much sweeter in the end.

The author did a great job in bringing out all the personalities in each one of her characters. Even if Frost does make me laugh, it’s a miracle that he hasn’t got himself killed by now. So much emotion is in this book and you can feel it. Somethings you like and some you don’t.

I can’t wait to read Hawks and Frost’s story which will be coming out. You wonder if after the two books are done will it be the end or will the author write a little mini version so that you can see how everyone’s lives turned out several years later.

If you love historical romances then this is a must read. Make sure that you read each and every one. You will enjoy them like I did.