Review: Adam’s Obsession by Sabrina York

Adam’s Obsession by Sabrina York
Release Date: April 4, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 166
Source:  Publisher

Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart slakes her taboo desires online, where the anonymity allows her to indulge without embarrassment. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her naughty little secret—more than anything, she craves a masterful man. Fortunately, Savage is just that. And then some.When Adam Trillo—aka Savage—discovers the shameless, erotic woman he’s been tangling with online is actually his demure coworker, he’s determined to seduce her in real life. He longs to release the wild Kat he knows lurks just below the surface. With a relentless mix of domination and persuasive charm, he draws her into his web until she’s helpless to deny their mutual passion. Particularly when she’s tied to his bed.


Review: Adam’s Obsession drew my interest because it was about a woman who felt it was necessary to use the internet to finally explore the wildness she feels inside her and a man who ultimately finds online what has he been missing. This is my first title by Sabrina York but I must say that I enjoyed her writing style very much. I was immediately drawn into the story and once I started reading I wanted to snuggle down deep into my sofa and read it until the very end.

The way Katherine found her hidden wildness online with a stranger was exciting and also very liberating for her. She seemed to really need the outlet from her very confining business attitude that she’s had to affect at work. I think when you have to behave a certain way in one setting and another somewhere else that causes quite a conflict internally. When Katherine’s worlds collide it gets quite interesting and it was an experience I delighted in.

I was enthralled by Adam before I even read the story from his point of view. Just the from reading the beginning when I was introduced to his online persona had me so fascinated. I could not wait to get to know him better and understand what his character had to offer. Once it hits him that the Katherine at his office is his “Kat” he no longer can separate his feelings for her at the office from what has happened online.

This was an arousing, intense and passionate romance. It started out hot and I don’t think it ever really cooled down. I will say that it had smoking hot sex and my e-reader was burning up. If you are looking for passion in your reading this is a great book to add to your shelf or e-reader. This will be going on my re-read list and Sabrina York will be an author I will be looking to for more hot reading.