Review: A Little Bit Wicked by Robyn De Hart

A Little Bit Wicked by Robyn De Hart
Series: Forbidden Love (# 1)
Release Date: December 2, 2012
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
File Size: 400KB
Source:  Publisher

Marcus Kincaid has returned to England after a ten-year absence as the Earl of Ashford after his brother’s untimely death. Unfortunately, his younger sister is embroiled in a potential scandal that could ruin her chance at marriage, and his aunt has already called in reinforcements—The Paragon.

Vivian March is known simply as The Paragon. She moves through every circle within Society, smoothing out scandals and stopping gossip in its tracks. Everyone in London knows that if she aligns herself with you, Society will forgive your sins. What they don’t know is that she uses their secrets to cover her own jaded past.

But with every kiss and every touch that Marcus thrusts upon her, Vivian comes to believe life is infinitely more fun when you can be just a little bit wicked…


Review: I tend to think that no matter what era you lived in society stays the same. The virtue of women is held in high esteem. Once said virtue is shall we shall ruined, you aren’t looked at in the same way. It matters not how innocent it may have seemed at the time you are still looked at as a ruined woman. Within the ton in London most proper families saw clear to keeping their daughters out of ruin. But, there is always the risk however innocent in your eyes you make one wrong move and you need someone to help you repair the damage that others think may have incurred. What would you do in this type of situation? That is where Ms. Vivian March comes in.

Ms. March lived her private scandal, spending the last ten years or so keeping it hidden. She has buried those secrets deep, in hopes that no one would be the wiser. Living the life of a spinster with her spinster aunt she spends her days helping the ton escape scandal thus keeping their own secrets hidden. But, it wasn’t always like that for Vivian. She was once so in love with her then fiancé Fredrick that she gave into the lust of young people in love only to have him leave her so that he could pursue his career in Art. After giving herself to another in the name of love/lust, whichever way you choose to look at it, Vivian is thankful that a child was not the outcome because then she wouldn’t have been able to bury her secret along with the indiscretion.

As with most secrets they tend to find a way of resurfacing when we least expect them. Ten years ago when Fredrick left her at a party in the moonlight she kissed another thinking he was Fredrick as it was a masked ball. This kiss she shared in the moonlight light was with a man a few years younger than her. Now ten years later that young man enters her life once again. He remembers that shared kiss and the passion. Marcus having spent the last several years as a tour guide in India and Africa has come home to take over as Earl because his older brother is now deceased. His younger sister has recently done something that may jeopardize her reputation. Because of this Vivian is called and thus the meeting between the two. Marcus remembers her right away wanting to pursue her, while she is trying to help his younger sister’s virtue stay in tack. As she works on helping his sister she also decides a wife is in order for Marcus which will help in the long run. Meantime Vivian’s past threatens to ruin her. What is she to do? Can she being, much older and wiser keep things secret still? Or will she have to tell all in order to save everyone?

I enjoyed all the elements of the story. There was plenty of scandal and secrets to keep me reading and wanting to find out what happens. The unlikely couple (because Vivian is older than Marcus although we aren’t quite sure as the age difference changes from the beginning to the end) shares chemistry, passion and romance from the beginning. I liked the way Marcus knew right away what he wanted and never once gave up on his pursuit of Vivian. Pure romance… Ms. De Hart has written a fast paced, passion filled romance with a love that transcends age. A Little Bit Wicked is the first in a new series written by Ms. De Hart, I for one look forward to the next installment.