Review: A Highlander for Christmas by Paula Quinn

A Highlander for Christmas by Paula Quinn
Series: Children of the Mist (# 5)
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Publisher:  Forever Yours
File Size: 322 KB
Source:  NetGalley


As the bard of the MacGregor clan, Finlay Grant is a natural-born charmer. He can easily win the heart of any lass . . . but somehow, the right words to express his love for stunning Leslie Harrison have eluded him. Yet as Christmastide approaches, Finn knows he must find a way to propose to the raven-haired beauty who has stolen his heart.


A furious Leslie Harrison could run her brothers through for promising her to another. But she will do anything to save her family from dishonor . . . even though in her heart she knows no other man but Finn will do. When Leslie’s betrothed makes a dastardly deal, putting her family and the MacGregor clan in danger, Finn will prove that he’s just as fierce in battle as he is sweet in song. Can these two lovers find a Christmas miracle that will grant them a happily-ever-after?


Review: This was an historical romance set in Scotland in the late 1600’s and is part of Quinn’s Highlander series which I didn’t realize when I started to read it. There were references to past stories that I didn’t feel I had enough information about so, for me, I wouldn’t consider it a stand alone story.

The characters were mostly big, brawny Scotsmen (or Highlanders). The woman were feisty in their own right especially Leslie who knew what she wanted and went after it but also felt loyalty to her family that needed her to go home with them for reasons not always known to her. The interactions between the characters did keep my interest although I was not familiar with all the Scottish words that were used.

The plot itself was jumpy. One minute there was a rescue and the next chapter there were references to a wedding the night before. The ending didn’t give closure but it could be since this book is part of an ongoing series and I’ll learn more when I read the next book. My ereader showed there were 114 pages, so I was surprised when the story abruptly ended on page 81. Then there was an about the author page as well as an excerpt from the first book in the series. After that there was an excerpt of how the MacGregor clan began, titles of other books by this author, reviews of some of those books and info on other books I might be interested in. I personally don’t like this tactic that that leads me to think I’m reading a longer book and it turns out not to be.

This book is part of the Highlander series which I have not read before but the characters did pique my interest enough to want to read the others in the series and hopefully fill in some blanks. I’ve always liked books set in Scotland so will add other books by Quinn to my TBR pile.

Favorite Quote: She giggled like a shy virgin, which, thanks to him, she was no longer. He already was everything and more. She would stay with him. Her heart gave her no other choice. Her family would have to understand. Finn was the joy and the love of her life. She wouldn’t leave him this time.