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Jen:  Today we are excited to welcome Cindy Gerard to Romancing the Book as her blog tour makes a stop with us.  Cindy, please share a short bio with us.
Cindy:  The only thing Cindy had in mind when she started writing her first book was finishing it. The issue of actually selling it came much later. Only after she made that life-altering first sale did she realize that one book would never be enough. Now, over 20 books and numerous awards later, Cindy laughingly admits that she can barely remember life before…well, was there life before writing?

Actually, yes there was, and still is. A professional career woman, Cindy is a trainer for the Iowa Department of Human Services, a position she states is both challenging and rewarding. “Human Services is a front-line, real-life event. Everything about the job is immediate, from serving families in crisis, to assisting staff with difficult situations, to meeting tension-fraught deadlines.”

Cindy’s writing has netted her spots on bestseller lists, numerous RT nominations and awards, the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, a National Reader’s Choice Award and two RITA nominations.

Cindy Gerard PicBetween writing and working full time you wouldn’t think Cindy would have much time for anything else. And while she does find her work and her writing rewarding, there does have to be more. Cindy has more. Much more. She is happily married to the perfect man. Tom’s a cowboy, ladies!

Both Tom and Cindy enjoy gardening and have recently expanded their annual beds into a perennial garden. Cindy says she can hardly wait for spring and the promise of all that reawakening and the colorful blooms.

In addition to the horses, the Gerards have two dogs, Ellie and Boomer, who pretty much get anything they want. Tom and Cindy have one son, Kyle, who, after years of keeping them in suspense, found Eileen, the perfect woman.

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Cindy:  KILLING TIME is an action packed, suspenseful, romantic adventure that involves a man coming to terms with his past because a woman forces him to own up to the truth. I LOVED writing this story. Mike is my favorite hero type: Irreverent, gorgeous and emotionally wounded. Eva is kick ass. And together they made this book so much fun to write. I already had a kernel of an idea for a story about him when Mike Primetime Brown showed up as a secondary character in my last two Black Ops inc books. I had a hard time getting him off my. I also know that behind all that flash and swagger was a man who was not the man he wanted the world to see. And wow, did it turn out he had a past. A past that came back to haunt him no matter how deeply he thought he’d had it buried.

Jen: How do you remember ideas that come to you at odd times?
Cindy: I write them down – even if it’s on my hand. Or I call myself and leave a message if I can’t get to paper and pencil or a computer.

Jen: What kind of research did you do for this book?
Cindy: Tons. I needed information on Lima, Peru, on the Hemlin Province in Afghanistan, on the topography in Idaho – on survivalists groups – on background for my characters. I scour the web and have a go to guy for all my weaponry and who helps me (read: corrects me) with my action scenes.

Jen: What’s the most interesting comment you’ve received about your books?
Cindy: A couple of years ago I received a letter from a young man stationed in Iraq. He was there at that time, as a private contractor but he’d done 2 tours as a marine. He was lost. His life had fallen apart and he told me he’d gone back to Iraq to die. For whatever reason, he found one of my books over there – TO THE EDGE – and he told me that he could so relate to the pain and difficulty the hero was encountering as a result of his service experience that the book literally pulled him out of a hole and saved his life.

Jen: What’s been the highlight of you career to this point?
Cindy: Getting an invitation to that young man’s wedding and knowing that he’s a happy, well adjusted individual – now proudly serving his country again in the army :o)

KILLING TIME CoverJen: What’s next for you?
Cindy: KILLING TIME which you know is out this month, is book one of my new One-Eyed Jacks series. I had initially planned 2 more books in the series – RUNNING BLIND and TAKING FIRE. I’ve since been given the opportunity to write a 4th book, one that will come out next December (just in time for Christmas!!) that’s a bonus book in the series. I’m so excited about THE WAY HOME. It’s a homecoming story featuring Tyler Brown (Mike’s brother) and is a little different book than I usually write. Still romance, still suspense, still features our black ops warriors, but THE WAY HOME has a little something extra … something that is leading me on a very special journey as I write it.


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45 thoughts on “Interview & Contest: Cindy Gerard

  1. Linda says:

    Since i´m International, i´m only here for the Grand Prize.
    Happy Wednesday!
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

  2. Aly P says:

    Thanks for the interview, the story of that young man was hearbreaking!

    here for the grand prize

  3. Robin Bromiley says:

    There are several books that have touched me and I think shaped the person I am today. I read these all the first time when in High School.

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Made me grateful that I live in a time and age that I can read whatever I want.

    The Good Earth – Pearl S Buck Enforced the point that women can be strong and provide for their family.

    Gone with the Wind – Margret Mitchel My first romance novel I ever read!

  4. Crystal B says:

    Every book means something to me because it takes me on a short visit to somewhere else. I read to forgot when I don’t feel good. I don’t think I’ve ever read one book that changed my life but every book leaves a special spot.

    MinDaf @

  5. Maria D. says:

    What a beautiful letter to have received from a fan! I can’t think of a book right now that has had a life altering place in my life – I think because books have always been a part of my life from when I was a small child. I never go anywhere without a book and one of my eReaders…lol. Thanks for the great giveaway, I’m looking forward to reading Cindy’s new series – I really loved the “Bodyguards” and need to catch up on the ops books

  6. Sue says:

    While I’ve read Cindy’s other books and all the previous blog interviews, I think this is a great way to learn more about all the blogs out here on books. 🙂

    I have my amazon page open to Killing Time, but I just can’t see to decide on paper or ebook! I need to figure it out soon so I can put it on the top of the TBR pile!

  7. Diane Sallans says:

    I don’t think any one book has had a dramatic effect on my life, but books have certainly brought me solace and distraction in sad times, and I’ve learned a lot about other places and times.

  8. erinf1 says:

    thanks for the fun post and congrats to Cindy on the new release! Thanks for sharing! The first book that I remember reading and was “blown” away by was Five Smooth Stone by Ann Fairbairn. This was the first book that really touched me emotionally and I immediately started rereading from the beginning!

  9. thanks for stopping everyone.
    someone asked about how long it took to research. I research as I go most often so it’s difficult to put a time to it. suffice it to say – a lot LOL

  10. Carol L says:

    I can’t recall reading anything that actually changed my life. But I am looking forward to reading Cindy’s Killing Time and the rest of this new series. So sad about the letter from that young man in Iraq but what a wonderful ending. You must feel so happy to know you brought him out of that misery. 🙂
    Carol L.

    • Hi Carol
      Trust me – he did it all himself. I’m just glad the book resonated with him and helped the light clear a bit and see he had a shot at something better.

  11. Maureen says:

    What an amazing story about your book changing a persons life. I don’t have a particular book but I do know that my mother bringing us to the library when we were young gave me a lifelong love a reading.

  12. Elizabeth H. says:

    I haven’t read a book that has totally changed my life but I have read a couple of intense, emotionally-charged books that have made me appreciate life more. I am so glad that someone’s life was affected by your writing! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win your lovely book!

  13. Cindy Barton says:

    There isn’t a book that has changed my but I was really happy to see that one of yours did. I got all warm inside when I read about the soldier going back to die. I hate that so many of our men and women are so far away from home not knowing if they will ever get home again. I hope that you will be writing for a very long time.

  14. Readsalot81 says:

    I can’t think of a particular book in general.. but books as a whole have made such a difference in my life. It would’ve been easier to turn to more unsavory pursuits, shall we say, had I not had such a deep and abiding love for fiction. You can have such great adventures and see the world 🙂

    Thanks for the interview & giveaway Cindy! 😀

  15. Cynthia (aka Artemis) says:

    Edith Hamilton’s Greek Mythology laid the cornerstone for my love of reading. And that was many, many moons ago. The tales of the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters enthralled me. I may have had to curtail my reading habit during some of the years since then, but I have never lost my love of reading. No, it has only increased.

  16. pepper penn says:

    dying to read this series. and loving the hop! thanks for the giveaways.
    pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com

  17. JoAnne says:

    I’m not sure that any one book changed my life but I have read a few that make you stop and think about what a character is doing and that maybe it does relate to my life.
    I have loved the books – More Than Words – that have been written with giving back in mind.
    I do volunteer in my life and it is very rewarding.
    Thanks for sharing. Will have to look for this series. I love when an author realizes there is more story to tell than just what they planned and then does add on to their series.

  18. Jen B. says:

    It wasn’t a single book that changed my life although some authors have moved me more than others. A few years ago I rediscovered my love of reading. And I read my first romance novel. I am so glad because I have ended up making new friends through my reading!

  19. Nicki B says:

    The book that changed my life was Empty Cradle, Broken Heart. My 2nd daughter died at the age of 2 months and this book helped me get through it (it still does). I think so many authors need to be thanked because their book has helped touch (and possibly save) someone’s life, even a fiction book. On a happier note, I love your books Cindy!! I’ve read so many and will keep buying the rest.

  20. Ann says:

    I finished Killing Time last night, Cindy, and I absolutely LOVED it! It was great seeing Gabe Jones and Joe Green again. I have very much enjoyed all of your books, and I wish they were also available in the audio format. I like to read books, and then I listen to them again in the car as I drive to work or on my MP3 player as I walk, clean, etc. I cannot wait for the next One-Eyed Jack book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Barbara says:

    I can’t think of a single title that changed my life…but many have touched me. I LOVE to read and have MANY favorite authors!! Can’t wait to make you one of them. 🙂

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