4 Short Reviews

Mountain Claiming by L.C. Dean
Released July 12, 2011 by Decadent Publishing Company
Review copy provided by the publisher
Categories: Contemporary, Erotica, Interracial, m/m

I immediately felt like I wanted to befriend Daniel. The description of him was so incredible I just wanted to grab him by the hand and introduce myself. I think the story gave me enough of a peek of Daniel’s past issues to explain his behavior throughout the story. It was not over explained or left too vague. My first impression of Jagger was that he seemed like the kind of man who would just swallow up a man like Daniel and forget his name the next day. As I read further I was pleased how my view of Jagger changed. I found the more I read, the more I liked him and that he was a man of real strength of character and also one with a huge heart. I like how you get a little bit of info about Jagger from a few various sources throughout the story. It was enough for me to understand Jagger and also a tease to make me think there may be other stories I may need to read.

Daniel comes to the island resort for a prearranged one night stand. Life so far has not been kind to him. You are told about his early trauma and then something else that happens that is more recent. It is done well and not over used or too vague. When he first meets Jagger he is attracted to him but feels Jagger is out of his league because of his low opinion of himself. Jagger owns the resort and his first impression of Daniel is that he is the man he has always dreamed of, but the reaction he receives from Daniel is more suited for colder climates. I like how the story is presented. Jagger shows Daniel that life is more than your past and people who deserve good things are sometimes very well rewarded. It just takes time and patience and the right person at the controls.

I will let you enjoy the rest yourself. If you like stories where the characters get a chance to grow a little and also enjoy themselves pick this up. The 1NS (One Night Stand) series has many genres and is written by a multitude of authors. I have read a few in different categories and enjoy them. If you look at what they have to offer, you should find something there that fits your taste in books.


Shattered Dreams by Anna James
Bradford Sisters (# 2)
Released on April 10, 2012 by Sugar and Spice Press
Review copy provided by author
Categories: Contemporary, Romance

Natalie feels guilty for experiences doubts that a lot of first time mothers face. After she loses the baby she throws herself into her work. She is trying to cope the best way she knows how.  Reed is busy trying to secure a new contract as his way of dealing with the loss. He starts seeing things that are just so unbelievable he doesn’t know whether or not to believe it.  These two are such a such a wonderful couple that need to come together to over come their grief. If only there wasn’t an evil force trying to drive them apart.

This was a really great story on what a couple goes through after losing a baby. There was the sadness of Natalie and Reed. There is drama of an unexpected evil force, and the family support trying to help this sweet couple. All in all is was a great short story.

Shattered Dreams is the second story in the The Bradford Sisters Trilogy. I would love to read the other two stories and get the rest of the family story. I really did enjoy this short story and would love to read more by Anna James.


Easter Holiday by Nell Dixon
Released on March 21, 2012 by Astraea Press
Review copy provided by the publisher
Categories: Contemporary, Romance

There were only a few characters in the book but others were alluded to. Posy was a bubbly personality who always saw the bright side of things. Noah, a farmer, had a more pessimistic view of life especially after his broken engagement to a city girl. His sister, Emma, also had a large role in the story.

The story took place in Cornwall, England where Noah’s farm and his family’s campground was located. He and Posy hit it off immediately and while Posy wanted to move full steam ahead, Noah kept pulling back. The book was only 69 pages but a lot was packed into it. The descriptions of the sea, the shore, the town and the campground made me feel that I was there.

There was an abrupt ending so much so that I didn’t realize it was the end of the book until the next page on my Nook was an about the author page. There was a happily ever ending, at least for the short term, but there was a possibility for so much more. I would have loved better closure by either extending the book a few chapters or adding an epilogue.

I have not read books by Dixon before but look forward to reading others. There was an excerpt for Making Waves that was set in New Bay, a town that was visited several times in Easter Holiday along with some of the same locations and people. It whet my appetite to read more.


Owned By The Night by Scarlett Sanderson
Released on January 13, 2012 by Ellora’s Cave
Review copy provided by the publisher
Categories: Erotica, Paranormal

What made me want to read this book was because it was about vampires. I have this thing about vampires and I just feel that I need to read just about everything about them. When you add romance into the mix that just makes it even better.

Allegra is a vampire and is walking along one day when she runs up on Kyrian. She just feels some kind of connection to him. She gives him the choice to become immortal and will make him stronger with his magic. So he takes her up on it.

As the years go by Kyrian becomes stronger than Allegra. Allegra used to be a slave and was badly abused. She always promised herself that she would never be in that cituation again and have a master. I can understand where Allegra is coming from. After you get out of an abusive relationship of any kind you never want to live that way again.

I got to see how two people who really love each other and belong together deal with the past so that they can have a future. It might take a long time to come to terms with what happened and be able to trust yourself and the one that you are with. It is like climbing a huge mountain but it is worth it in the end.

I enjoyed this book and it taught me a lot. It was a short story but the author did a great job with the story. I would recommend this book to anyone. It really makes you just stop and think.