Review: Unleash by Ambrielle Kirk

Unleash by Ambrielle Kirk
Series: Soul Bond (# 2)
Release Date: May 24, 2012
Publisher:  Breathless Press
File Size: 218 K
Source:  Publisher

Temptation binds the soul of a witch with the heart of a demon.

Raiden, estranged son of Rajin, heir to throne of Kastanbul, has roamed Earth for decades. Feeling undeserving of his freedom from Otherworld, he is also unaccepted by the humans. For this demon, a soul means nothing when purpose is non-existent, but the life he’d settled for is uprooted when he saves an enchanting witch…

Erin escapes the protection of her coven on a journey to solve the mystery of her dreams. Raiden is the only one who can help her find the treasure—the key and possibly the missing link that will banish evil from this realm.

While unearthing age-old secrets of her ancestors, Erin discovers what it means to be wanted instead of cast aside. Taught never to trust freely, she finds acceptance and safety within a demon’s arms, but will she reject her duty to her coven by accepting Raiden’s love?


Review: Raiden is a very sexy half human-half demon. He has been cursed to live on earth for an eternity. Erin is a witch with psychic abilities. She is lead to an excavation site by a recurring dream. She needs to find out about her ancestors. She needs more info about this long lost coven. She pretends to be interested in ancient civilizations and decides to join a dig team searching for artifacts and treasure. She gets herself into some trouble and Raiden comes to her rescue… and of course there was instant attraction!

This is the second book in the series and I have not read the first book. I did like the book. This book was a little shorter than I prefer to read but I was happy with author Ambrielle Kirk! She again delivers an exciting adventurous story with heat, adventure and intrigue. This book is filled with demons, half breeds, and witches.

I fell in love with Erin and Raiden. I love the way the romance builds in this story. Raiden is very sweet and nurturing and seems to only want to protect and nurture Erin. Erin does not generally have much interest in men but there is something she can’t explain about Raiden. She senses something dark about this man, but can’t help but care about this gentle giant. As the story progresses Erin’s cousin Leona and her demon lover Carrick show up. Erin’s family sent Leona to search for her. Leona reveals to them that Raiden is a demon. Erin has to decide if she should continue to trust this half demon who she has grown to care for.

The chemistry between Erin and Raiden was hot! There were a few ‘beginings’ to hot scenes but something or someone always interrupted. Eventually Erin and Raiden share one hot and sexy scene. Again Author Kirk does not disappoint. One complaint is there were not enough hot scenes.

I did enjoy the book and always enjoy Ambrielle’s bold and vivid writing. She brings scenes alive with descriptive words and language and always writes a story that you have to finish in one sitting. I sometime feel like part of the story or scene. Here are a few scenes that made me feel I was there.

“Dusty, dry winds swirled over the landscape. The breeze was faint but cooled her skin from the dry heat. Rain from the late afternoon hours lasted a mere ten minutes, and steam from the dry ground evaporated around her.”

“A gust of wind swept through an opening at the bottom of the tent. Darkness encompassed her when the wick in her lamp went out. The smoke floated up to greet her nose. She inhaled and then breathed out a sigh of apprehension. There was no mistaking her nervousness as she folded her sketch slowly with shaky fingers and tucked it down into her bag.”

I wish there was more of a back story regarding Raiden and “Otherworld” which is the kingdom that he ruled in 50 years before he abandoned it and remained on Earth. There was also mention of Nimroid which was also another another demon world. There were only a few characters in this story which I can appreciate, but I was left with questions and wanted to know more about how a demons can be half breads and how they can have ties to both worlds.

I wished the book was longer. I felt short changed. The book just ended- and not in a good way. I didn’t feel there was any cliff hanger or a great set up for the next book in the installment. I was disappointed at the end. It seemed there was a quick brief summary-Erin finds out about her ancestors and Raiden get his girl- The end! This book was not my favorite of hers but it was a good read.