Review: Training the Dom by Christine d’Abo

Training the Dom by Christine d’Abo
Release Date: September 28, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages: 70
Source:  Publisher

The best thing that ever happened to me was buying Master Gareth at a charity auction four months ago. Since then our relationship has really taken off, except…he won’t have sex with me. He takes me over the edge in every way, but we haven’t gone all the way. Yet.

He’s shown me so much, helped me become a better submissive. But I know he’s still nursing a broken heart. I need to help him get over the past so he can move on with his life.

So for one night I’ll stop being Liz, willing submissive, and turn into Mistress Elizabeth. I plan to show him that letting go of the past will help with his future. A future I can only hope will involve me.


Review: Liz is a submissive who has fallen in love with Master Gareth the Dom of her dreams. He does things to Liz that are amazing, the ways Gareth can make her feel are incredible, but she wants to go further. Liz asks her friends for help and they suggest that she turn the tables on Master Gareth. I love how Liz uses their lifestyle as a way to show Gareth that he can trust her with his heart. That having a second chance at love is a rare gift that should not be wasted. Liz needs more from him and she is ready to do all that it takes to get it.

Master Gareth’s Dom/sub relationship with Liz has grown since their first meeting. He knows Liz wants more but he just can’t give her what she wants. Then Liz does something unexpected and the master must decide if he trusts Liz as much as he has asked Liz to trust him. Gareth is such a strong character and watching his struggle was both difficult and also exciting for me.

Just the theme of the book; that someone who is used to having all of the control, is asked to turn that control over to another person is such an expression of deep trust there was no putting this book down until I was finished. While reading this book I could understand the behaviors of each of the characters. Their concerns and desires, the reasons they would rebel or acquiesce. Liz and Gareth seemed to understand what the other needed and tried to be there to support the other without solving the problem for them. The dynamics between them are very captivating and I was reading each word the same way I watch sports on TV, telling each of them how to play it. What to say and what to do. Putting this down was difficult for me. I still want more.