Review: Submitting To The Rake by Em Brown

Submitting To The Rake by Em Brown
Release Date: January 25, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 61
Source:  Publisher

Desperate to save her cousin from certain ruin with a notorious rake, Miss Heloise Merrill impersonates her cousin and takes her place at the infamous “Chateau of Debauchery”. Heloise intends to convince the rake—Lord Cadwell, Earl of Blythe—to turn his attentions elsewhere. What she doesn’t intend is to be splayed across his legs and spanked!  Deprived of his intended guest, Sebastian Cadwell intends to provide the meddling Miss Merrill a much deserved set-down. But when his hand connects with her lovely derrière, he finds he wants to do more than just administer a light spanking. He wants to tie her up and hold her down. In short, he wants her total submission.


Review:  I really enjoyed reading this short erotica. I’m just having a hard time deciding on how to word this review.

The chemistry between Sebastian and Heloise is something that was felt from the first time  they were together. The banter between them is funny and sexual.  Needless to say that things that have good intentions can get out of hand. I enjoyed the plot of the story. It was very believable and I could just imagine myself in Heloise’s place. I would tell Sebastian to bring on whatever his mind could come up with.

Sometimes you just pick up the right book that just hits you and makes you really love it. This was one of those books for me. I just got so into the story and never wanted it to end. I found myself just thinking of more of a plot so I could just bring it into real life. I always wish that my life could be like a romantic story. Sebastian and Heloise had the right story line that I could just feel myself becoming a part of. It puts me into a peaceful dreamy state.

I will be on the look out from more books by this author. I wish I could come up with stories like this. The only thing that I didn’t like was the ending. I would like to have known more.  If you are looking for a short read with some BDSM in it and something to warm you up on these cold nights. I would highly recommend this book.