Review: Quest for the Dress by Nancy Di Fabbio

Quest for the Dress: Finding Your Dream Gown Without Losing Your Sanity, Friends, or Groom by Nancy Di Fabbio
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Publisher:  PublishingWorks
Pages: 162
Source:  contest win

Having run a bridal gown shop for over 20 years, Nancy Di Fabbio has seen everything from botched plans for a plus-sized bride to wear a petite grandmother’s dress to knock-down, drag-out family fights over the veil. In Quest for the Dress, she draws on her irrepressible sense of humor, experience, and entertaining stories to create one guidebook that helps brides find their dream dress without losing their sanity in the process. The guide includes tips on creating a game plan for the wedding before making any plans, choosing shopping companions carefully, finding the right accessories and the perfect headpiece and veil, a crash course in fashion and fabric, avoiding alteration problems, and caring for a dress after the big day. Perfect for future brides and those close to the bride, Quest for the Dress is an enjoyable and useful present for a shower or engagement.


Review:  If you know your daughter is about to become engaged because her boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage, BUY HER THIS BOOK as her first engagement present! If your son is about to ask his girlfriend to marry him – BUY HER THIS BOOK! If your sister, best friend, cousin, mother, aunt, girlfriend, etc. is getting married, you need to get them a copy of this book and save their sanity.

Or if you’re reading this and are engaged, about to become engaged, or just want to get a head start on what to look forward to…BUY THIS BOOK.

Ms. Di Fabbio has 20 years of bridal experience both shop-wise and personally. Her advice is the best you’ll ever find; she’ll help soothe those butterflies over what you should spend {no more than you can absolutely afford}, who should go with you to pick out your dress {only those who will support you and not tell you what you should wear and throw a fit if you fall in love with something they don’t like}, and the most important advice of all – TALK TO YOUR FIANCE THROUGH THE ENTIRE WEDDING PLANNING.

Do you know that there are weddings that are doomed before the bride has even walked down the aisle because she kept things from her fiance(e) – such as the cost of her dress if it’s coming out of THEIR money – or because there was no communication whatsoever. This is BOTH OF YOURS wedding, communication is essential and will help to ease from the dating stage to married life.

If you want some peace of mind for yourself or your loved one, read this book. Weddings should be joyful times where memories are made to last a lifetime. Do you really want to remember your wedding planning and your big day with dread?