Review: Portal To Passion by Tara Nina

Portal To Passion by Tara Nina
Release Date: January 4, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 233
Source:  Publisher

Transported by a magical mirror, Deveney lands in a dimension ruled by passion. Instant attraction draws her to the leader of this world of shapeshifters. An overwhelming desire for sex neither can control brings them together. Whether he desires it or not, she’s determined to win his love.When a gorgeous woman travels through the Mirror of Azure, Tor’s judgment is tested. On the verge of extinction, the men of his world need mates before they reach one hundred years old or face becoming their inner beasts forever. Women are scarce. It is up to him to save his people.Deveney is a temptation he can’t resist. Their magic intertwines and gets stronger with each sexual encounter. Stubbornly, Tor refuses to believe she’s his mate. He’s determined Deveney must return home before anyone discovers her arrival, or it will lead to chaos and war.When word of her existence leaks and another clan kidnaps Deveney, Tor must finally admit she’s his mate and fight to save her, or lose his only chance at survival.


Review:  Portal of Passion was an erotic read from the first all the way to the end.

Tor and Deveney’s story was one of great passion and the magic between them is one that will not be ignored. Even though they are from different worlds and know nothing about each other, the bond between them is strong.

Deveney is tired of never being able to have sex. Every time she does something always happens to the males. It seems that the more she experiments the closer she comes to her goal. She is tired of losing every job. She finds out from a very special magi named Maven that what she has is strong magic and she will never have sex until she finds the animal that is her equal.

Tor is a very strong man with a lot on his shoulders. He needs to find out how to find mates before his clan all turns into their beasts and they die out. He is very stubborn and tries to rule just as his father did. Seems when Deveney travels through a magical mirror everything he ever thought changes.

I enjoyed watching these two interact with each other. Watching Tor fight the magic that he will never be able to deny. The author really knew how to keep my attention and made the story so hot. The sex between these two was so magical.

I never wanted this story to end and now I’m coming down from a high that you only get from a book that you truly connect with. I would love to know how it would feel to find something so magical. To have a deep soul connection with another person.  I know that every male needs an even stronger woman to keep their beast at peace. Only then will the magic come alive and hopefully we will find out what is going on and get to the bottom of the mystery of finding mates.