Review: Out of Balance by Lyn Gala

Out of Balance by Lyn Gala
Release Date: November 30, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 162
Source:  Publisher

College students Jeremy and Ryan both have rocky pasts, but when Ryan discovers his friend has a dangerous fascination for gay bondage, he decides to show Jeremy that giving up control isn’t safe or sexy. He should know—he’s seen the dark side of BDSM up close. However, his plan backfires as the two men find that their needs and desires dovetail nicely. Lust drives them both deeper into a 24/7 lifestyle, but neither of them is prepared to deal with the emotional backlash.When fear threatens to destroy their relationship, Jeremy has to not only submit but also find a way to help his Master heal well enough to admit to his own needs. If Jeremy can find a way to confront the past, maybe he can repair their relationship and rediscover their balance as Dominant and submissive. If he fails, they both lose.Reader Advisory: Jeremy and Ryan both make some unsafe choices and decisions. Their way is by no means a safe exploration of BDSM. Don’t try this at home!


Review:  Wow. Simply wow. Lyn Gala is superb! I love my male/male novels, and more, I love the BDSM theme. I am a complete and utter sucker for the theme. It just pulls me and makes me apart of the story. Ms. Gala has taken both of those and blended them perfectly in this incredibly moving story. From start to finish, I was captivated.

Ryan is a completely amazing character. I fell in love with him from the start. I won’t go into details about him because I don’t do spoilers in my review. I will tell you that my heart was tugged in every which way from Sunday, and by the end of the book, I didn’t know if I would make it! This man is truly amazing in his role. He suffered at the hands of someone truly awful when he was younger and his actions now prove that he’s trying to get a handle on it. I felt every emotional struggle that he felt from embracing his Dominant nature to accepting his sexual preferences.

Jeremy is another wonderful character. I loved him, but not as much as Ryan. Jeremy wants to be a submissive, and the Master he wants is Ryan. He wants to embrace the lifestyle, and every aspect of it, and Ryan may not be ready to give it to him. I loved watching Jeremy interacting with Ryan. Ryan was confused and Jeremy was determined to put the balance back in place.

This is most definitely a novel that is beyond worthy of highest recommendations. The emotional angst is felt through out the entire book. It sucks the reader in completely and makes them a part of the story. It’s truly intoxicating and unputdownable! I will definitely be putting this book on my favorites list and can’t wait to reread it. I am looking forward to seeing more books like this from this incredibly talented author.



One thought on “Review: Out of Balance by Lyn Gala

  1. Lyn Gala says:

    Wow. Thank you so much! So many people didn’t like Ryan because they wanted a Dom to have everything together, and Ryan is struggling with that. I do like BDSM themes. Gathering Storm is another of my BDSM titles, although it is more action/adventure than romance, and Vinnie is a hugely bratty sub.

    I have two coming out that have more of the focus on the interpersonal and interpersonal drama, both due out in the next three months… I have a yet untitled novella at Loose Id (it will be my first with them, so it should be easy to find) about a very gentle sub who has been hurt and he’s trying to hide his nature to avoid more pain. The working title is Claimings, Tails, and other Alien Artifacts so you can guess we have an alien tail in there.

    The other is huge… A 117k word novel about nineteen year old Dilly who is confused, lost, and in the middle of a family falling apart, and he sets his sites on a Dom who may not be ready to fall in love again.

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