Review: Kiss Of Surrender by Sandra Hill

Kiss Of Surrender by Sandra Hill
Series: A Deadly Angels Book (# 2)
Release Date: November 27, 2012
Publisher:  Avon
Pages: 384
Source:  Edelweiss

It’s not easy being a Vampire Angel.

No one knows that better than Trond Sigurdsson. In the centuries since he last went out drinking and wenching with his Viking buds, Trond has been a gladiator, a cowboy, a ditch digger . . . even a sheik. But now he’s the baddest of them all: a kick-ass Navy SEAL kicking butts of terrorist immortals with the help of his hotter-than-Hades female partner, police officer-turned-Special Forces operative Nicole Tasso—whom Trond dearly hopes to “partner” with very shortly in a whole different way.

The “cop” part of Nicole tells her there’s something bizarre about her gorgeous godlike teammate. But her “all-woman” side can’t help wondering how great it would be to have a virile Viking in her bed. Trond has secrets galore, but Nicole feels certain she can dig them out—and really get to the heart of this powerful, unnerving stranger whom she may be risking her soul to love.


Review:  This is a great series. One I am glad that I started reading. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Trond is a viking vampire and has lived for over a thousand years. I have learned that Vikings are very full of themselves. No matter what they think they can do St. Michael is there to show them different. Boy does have his hands full. Trond has six brothers and all of them are living in penance for the seven deadly sins.

Nicole is just trying to hide from her past and becomes a Navy Seal. She knows that there is something different about Trond and she just needs to find out what. Doesn’t matter who she goes to no one will listen to her.

This is a book about good verses evil and who will win in the end. I know which side that I’m pulling for. You get to meet demon vampires and not all of them are too far gone to the darkside. Let’s just say that all seven vampire angels and everyone one else that has been turned by St. Michael has their hands full.

I loved how the book was written and it had a wonderful plot. The cover of the book is something that draws the eye. Just by looking at the cover made me want to read it. I’ll be honest that is the reason that I decided to read it. I didn’t see what the book was about. I just saw the cover and knew that I just had to read this book. It was a decision that I’m glad I made.

I can’t tell you how much this book made me laugh. I would be having a bad day and pick the book up and start reading it and it would make my day. That’s the kind of book that I love to read. This book just gave me a warm feeling and made me wish I could just be in the book myself.

I will be waiting very impatiently I might add for the next book. I can’t wait to read Ivak’s story. I love meeting each and every brother. So I would really recommend that everyone read this book and the series.

Whoever thought that there would be a book about Vampire Angels? I didn’t but I’m glad that there is. Happy good reading everyone!!




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  1. I love books that make me laugh! I think more than anything else, that keeps me picking up the book when I’m supposed to be doing other things.

    Thanks for being on the tour!

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