Review: Kept By Seduction by Jaymie Holland

Kept By Seduction by Jaymie Holland
Series: Wonderland series (#4)
Release Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin
Pages: 224
Source:  Publisher

Long ago when she was fresh out of high school and too young to know better, Awai Steele married a brutal man. Once she escaped him she created a new life for herself, vowing never to be dominated by any man. Now she runs a successful corporation and is known in business circles as a ball-buster, the woman with brass ovaries. And in her secret life as a Dominatrix, she’s known as Mistress. But when Ty, King of Clubs, spirits Awai away to a magical world, the sexy muscle-bound rogue of a man literally has her tied in knots. Awai finds that being the King’s submissive definitely has its advantages, but she doesn’t think she can let go of her past long enough to embrace a future with a Dominant man. King Ty is determined to show Awai that she belongs with him, and he will do whatever it takes to make her his Queen of Clubs.


Review:  When I sat down to read this book, I was antsy with excitement. It sounded just like what I love. It had all the elements in a paranormal romance that will steal my heart: passion, suspense, shifters, BDSM…..all amazing elements. I wanted to be sucked into the heart of the story, taken on a joy ride of lust and desire. I was. But, there was still a little bit missing, and I think it was because I came into the story on the 4th book, missing out on the full effect.

In Kept By Seduction, Ms. Holland tells Awai’s tale. I loved her. She’s been through hell: abuse,family disappearances, things no woman should ever go through. I truly was touched by her character. She lost her 3 nieces to kidnappings the years prior, and now she’s anticipating her time. What she’s not expecting is for her kidnapper to be a handsome-as-sin were-tiger and her mate. But, there’s one problem. He’s a Dom……and so is she.

Ty’s character is amazing! I loved every minute of his side of the story. He’s a Dom. Truly in every sense of the word. He’s passionate about his lifestyle, not abusive as lots of Doms can be. When he comes for Awai, and tries to convince her that she is queen…..the sparks fly, sure, but I loved the way he worked with her, showing her that just because she has a dominant side, doesn’t me she doesn’t have a submissive side as well. Oh my god, he was awesome. I truly loved him.

So, despite the fact that there was something missing, I still enjoyed this amazingly written story of letting go, submitting and embracing love’s seduction in all forms. Ms. Holland blended her characters perfectly with the intense BDSM element and turned out an amazing sensual story. I will be going be going back and starting this unique Fairytale series from the beginning, to truly grasp the entire story line. Bravo, Ms. Holland!