Review: Keowee Valley by Katherine Scott Crawford

Keowee Valley by Katherine Scott Crawford
Release Date: September 27, 2012
Publisher: BelleBooks
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley

She journeyed into the wilderness to find a kidnapped relative. She stayed to build a new life filled with adventure, danger, and passion.

Spring, 1768. The Southern frontier is a treacherous wilderness inhabited by the powerful Cherokee people. In Charlestown, South Carolina, twenty-five-year-old Quincy MacFadden receives news from beyond the grave: her cousin, a man she’d believed long dead, is alive—held captive by the Shawnee Indians. Unmarried, bookish, and plagued by visions of the future, Quinn is a woman out of place . . . and this is the opportunity for which she’s been longing.

Determined to save two lives, her cousin’s and her own, Quinn travels the rugged Cherokee Path into the South Carolina Blue Ridge. But in order to rescue her cousin, Quinn must trust an enigmatic half-Cherokee tracker whose loyalties may lie elsewhere. As translator to the British army, Jack Wolf walks a perilous line between a King he hates and a homeland he loves.

When Jack is ordered to negotiate for Indian loyalty in the Revolution to come, the pair must decide: obey the Crown, or commit treason . . .


Review:  This was a superb debut from a brilliant author! I loved each and every moment of a truly historical and phenomenal read. I had a really hard time trying to put this one town as the author took every aspect of this book and changed it into so much more. The characters are the kind that will forever stay in my mind.

The author took me on a journey that felt unbelievably real,it was as if I could touch each character, feel every move and hear every sentence spoken. I loved that the authors landscape and other descriptions were so stunningly and exquisitely described.

Both characters were strong and determined to make the best of a difficult situation but each also has their own inner turmoil to overcome. The plot was very well laid out,and surprisingly it turned out very differently that I envisioned when I started read this book,but yes the author did a great job at bringing the plot together with precision and intrigue.

The sex scenes were very tastefully written. This was a really fantastic read. The dialogue was at times almost snippy and fun but others again so emotional that I was almost brought to tears. This book is guaranteed to transport you back in time where nothing is ever what is seems.

Excellent work Katherine!