Review: Immortally Yours by Ashylynn Chase

Immortally Yours by Ashylynn Chase
Release Date: January 13, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 105
Source:  Publisher

Lizette has spent three hundred years on earth, but this is her first time in a therapist’s office. Lonely and aimless, she feels that life has lost its meaning…and she’s come to Colin for advice on ending it. If only he weren’t so maddeningly, distractingly attractive, she’d be able to get on with things.The moment Lizette steps into his office, Colin knows he has to help her. He also knows he has to have her—in every position possible.As they spend time together, the heat between them rises and clothes come off, revealing Colin to be not only a phenomenal lover, but a picture-perfect nude muse for Lizette’s erotic photographs, as well. But in trying to give Lizette’s life meaning, they might have ruined Colin’s.


Review: Immortally Yours explores the reality I always thought would happen to someone who could never grow old or die. What happens when you’ve seen and done everything? Or at least feel like you have? You end up like Lizette, in a psychologist’s, depressed, and desperate for a chance from the inability to connect with anyone, for fear that they’ll discover your secret. Fortunately for her, the Doc is sexy as sin and actually believes her story. From the unusual start of this story I knew this wasn’t going to be your average tale about an immortal. It was stepped in realism, with interesting bits of history, and an ample dose of heat.

Dr. McSexy aka, Colin is intelligent, compassionate and smitten. The spark that existed between them burned white hot, but he’s decent enough to wait until she’s no longer his patient to make his move. While he had the makings of a wonderful hero, I felt like he was too good to be true. I never really understood what he saw in Lizette besides her body and maybe vulnerability he subconsciously wanted to take away. Yes, I know I’m psycho analyzing a head doctor, but in this case it applied.

Lizette was rather harsh and brisk. It was stated this was because she was French, yet, for me it took away from the character. I wanted to like her but couldn’t. In the end I did enjoy Immortally Yours, but I would’ve liked to get a glimpse at the heroine’s more sensitive side. If you’re looking for a story that’ll make you think , give a glimpse into an interesting past and heat up the screen this is the perfect pick for you.