Review: Awakened from Ice by Marisa Chenery

Awakened from Ice by Marisa Chenery
Series: Werewolf Sentinels (# 1)
Release Date: September 28, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 105
Source: publisher

Exploring an ice cave on the Mantanuska Glacier in Alaska, Cassidy finds something out of the ordinary—six men dressed in fur and leather, motionless and seemingly dead. But she soon discovers they’re very much alive when her touch awakens one—and she finds herself pinned beneath his muscular heat in the blink of an eye.

Edensaw and his wolf brothers have slept for ten thousand years. As ice age Tlingit Indian hunters, they were chosen to be a new race of man, the first werewolves. They are the sentinels, created to protect against evil that is to come. But the touch of one woman ignites his mating urge and Edensaw awakens before he’s needed, into a world he no longer knows and a passion he cannot deny.

As the couple moves from lust to love, the dark evil brews, threatening not only to destroy the mating bond, but the sentinels themselves.


Review:  Awakened From Ice by Marisa Chenery is a rather unique story with a plot line that has not been visited overly much, as some paranormal plots have been.  Within this story, we meet six chiseled and hot guys who have been asleep in an ice cave for thousands of years.  This is no typical type of sleep, but one that allows each of the men to intuitively know what is going on around them and the changes that the world has been going through.  When placed in this sleep, they were told that they would not awaken until they were needed in the world – needed to fight a dangerous evil.

When Cassidy goes exploring and discovers a hole in a wall of ice, she works her way through until she finds herself within the cave and facing six very strangely dressed men who she worries are dead – that is until they suddenly begin to stir and awaken.  From that moment on, Cassidy experiences things that she never thought remotely possible or within in the realm of her beliefs.

Though the story is fairly far-fetched (hey, it is a paranormal fiction story), it is very enjoyable and engrossing.  I loved the uniqueness of it, the characters are all incredibly likable, there are tons of steamy scenes, humor and a good dose of suspense.  The chemistry between Cassidy and Edensaw is palpable and spicy and his devotion to her will bring many hearts thudding and pulses racing.  In addition to wonderfully developed characters, Awakened From Ice has a vivid setting, created and written in a way that brought me directly into the story.  Another aspect that I enjoyed was the idea that this story took me back to the history and the very beginning of the first breed of werewolves – later expanding to how they have revolutionized over thousand of years.

I recommend this to anyone who loves spicy chemistry, hot alpha males, loyalty, devotion and the rockin world of the paranormal and werewolves.  I truly cannot wait until the next story in this series and the next brother to find his mate, as well as delving deeper into the suspense of the good vs. evil aspect of the story.  Awakened From Ice has the perfect ending to leave the reader wanting more and anxious for the next story!

Quote:  All the air left her lungs in a whoosh.  She didn’t know where to look.  “Ah…ah…ah.”

Her brain seemed to have stopped functioning.  The six of them had stripped naked while she’d been busy setting out their new clothes.  All that bared, bronzed skin and muscular bodies, what was a girl to do but stare?  They were all gorgeous, but Cassidy’s gaze kept landing on Edensaw.  He made her mouth water.  Here gaze skipped down his defined chest and washboard abs until it reached his …